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Random Possibilities by Kim

If everything happens for a reason I think Darlton are genius. I think the time loop that we see videos of from the Orchid and now with the 2 Lockes one dead and the other not happened as early as S1. In Solitary episode, Sayid tells Rousseau that Nadia was dead. Could this be Sayid in the future? In the episode where Jack, Kate, Boone and Locke are looking for Clare and Charlie it always struck me as funny when the Jack and Kate break off from Locke and Boone and we hear someone screaming in the back ground, Jack asks Kate did she hear that and she appears to not hear the screaming, then Jack charges up the hill saying he wasn't going to allow this to happen again. Is this a future Jack. Another one is in S3 Further Instructions Locke tells Eddy the FBI I guy in the woods and he is trying to clean up his mess that HE WAS A HUNTER.

I think that maybe a time loop thing is going on here.

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