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This is a relatively quick theory that popped into my head after watching parts of the episode in season 5 where Juliet delivers Ethan back in 77. Okay, so the problem on the island is that mothers are unable to have a successful pregnancy post incident. We don't know for sure that Sun would have had a problem had she stayed, but we all know Aaron was born on the island. This made me think that Aaron was okay because the island needs Aaron for some reason. I'd like to think that Aaron is Jacob or will become a time traveler and become Jacob, but that's too far of a leap for this theory.

What I think is that you can look at the pregnancy problem from the point of view of The Incident and the fact that there was massive electromagnetic energy released and this energy - despite The Swann being built to curtail it - is still saturated on the island enough to cause physical problems. Or, you could look at The Incident as being the pivot point for all the major events that are to occur on the island that comprise the whole of the series.

So, given that, if all of these events are in a time loop or - looking at it from a larger 'destiny' view, then each and every event and every person associated is a necessary element as it relates to a particular outcome. We don't know the ultimate outcome of course, but maybe the reason why babies couldn't be born is because another life on the island means literally an unnecessary variable to the ultimate outcome. Is it coincidence that we see Ethan born right when our Losties are in 77? Or what about Alex being born a decade later? But looking at these two births they ultimately are characters who played a huge role in the bigger picture of events. And now that I'm thinking about it I find it strange that Ethan was used as the instrument to kidnap Claire in the attempts to study or resolve the pregnancy issue.

This also makes me think of the reason Whidmore (or the island) might have wanted Alex dead because she was at first an unnecessary variable in the larger picture. But then perhaps the forces at work be it the Island, Jacob or even MiB knew she could be used against Ben in the long run. And as a side theory, I think that Sun would have been okay had she stayed and had Ji Yeong. Maybe because of Jacob's touch, or maybe because she is lumped into the rest of the Losties as being 'destined' to be there, then it would follow her off spring is destined to be there as well. So, this leads me to think that Aaron and Ji Yeong will make their way back to the island for whatever practical reason, but it may the in service of the larger 'destiny' that's already laid out.

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