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Jacob Did Not Send Ilana by EmilyG

Just a thought: I think Jacob didn't send Ilana to the Island---the MIB did.

When 'Jacob' meets with Ilana, he's dressed all in black. Clothing color is, of course, rather significant here. And what does Ilana do? She forces Sayid to return to the Island. We know Jacob seems to be all about free will, whereas the MIB is the agent of destiny/fate. Forcing Sayid back to the Island against his will doesn't seem like Jacob's style.

And what does Sayid do when he returns? He instigates hostilities between Dharma/Losties and (most likely) Dharma/the Others. Thus proving the MIB correct---people on the Island can't coexist peacefully.

And once Ilana et al arrive on the Island, they grab their guns and declare themselves in charge. Now, their motives might have been for 'the greater good' as they saw it, but at the end of the day, it's behavior like that that perpetuates the endless 'us vs them' cycle on the Island. So, unwittingly, Ilana's been helping the MI

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