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I know the loop theory has been around for a while, but after reading someone else's loop theory I started to think about what happens if the loop is broken.

I think the Incident is what starts the loop over again. Like Miles said detonating the bomb is what causes the incident and causes the loop to continue. Not detonating the bomb is what I think would end the loop. We see a parallel of this with Sayid shooting Ben and making him the evil man he becomes. Sayid continues to do what he’s always done both at the micro level, this particular situation, and the macro level, still a killer. Now if the bomb detonates, I think the losties die and get sent back to start the loop over. The cycle of reincarnation def comes into play here. Jack has to stay in the loop until he stops trying to fix things, but by trying to detonate the bomb he's still trying to fix things. You could make arguments that some of the other losties have changed, but maybe they all have to for the cycle to end.

Now this is where I think the alt realities everyone has been talking about come into play. If the bomb doesn’t go off this time, against Jack’s efforts, then the loop would end without the losties being redeemed. They didn’t learn their lesson, but the loop ends anyway. Could this be the loophole?

On one hand the bomb doesn’t go off so the loop doesn’t continue because the losties can’t come to the island because the hatch would be different. I don’t know exactly how, but I’m guessing the purpose of the hatch was never meant to be a place where you press a button so even if Desmond were to go to the island I don’t think he would be pushing a button in the hatch. So if they never go to the island we would see a reset. I don’t like the idea of us seeing a reset because like others I care about the characters because of what they’ve been through. But here’s where alt realities come in. The losties still haven’t been redeemed so the loop should continue, but they can’t continue the loop by coming to the island because the hatch is different. If the character haven’t been redeemed then maybe there’s a crack in time and the world branches out and there are two realities. So we have the reset reality, but we also have the reality where the losties a! re still on island after the incident because they need to be redeemed some how.

Jack said it was their destiny to detonate the bomb and who put that idea in his head, Locke. This could be a good time to insert that I think Locke has been being led by the MIB all along and that he was just a pawn, even if that doesn’t make me very happy. Perhaps Jacob sometimes influenced him, but I think MIB won control. John, being led by MIB, made Jack believe in destiny and he thought detonating the bomb was his destiny. MIB represents destiny (it always ends the same). In a sense if you think of destiny in this way it could’ve been considered Jack’s destiny because the loop always ended the same, with him detonating the bomb. Now Jacob represents free will (progress). He brings people to the island to prove the MIB wrong. Yes it may take time but he thinks the losties will eventually break the cycle. So to see how the loophole was created we have to remember that rules do carry weight. Ben and Widmore won’t kill eachother is one example. Jacob’s rule is t! hat to end the loop you have to change. Well in this case the loop ended, but the characters didn’t all change, thus creating the loophole.

Now that the losties have created the loophole, I think their mission will be to keep the MIB from concurring the island in order to receive redemption. With Jacob gone there is no longer a balance. Jacob didn’t seem to want to kill MIB so maybe he likes the balance of destiny (faith) and free will (science). Maybe the point is you need both. Faith didn’t get Locke very far as he is now dead. Sorry but I really don’t see him being brought back to life. But on the other end science brought a bomb to the island. Maybe Jack will have to stay on the island forever, acting as Jacob to ensure there is a balance between destiny and free will. And hey maybe MIB will keep Locke’s form so we would still have scenes with those two.

On a side note, I think the creation of the loophole has to do with Juliet who I think is the variable because Jacob wasn’t in the flashback we saw of her. This is where my theory gets fuzzy because I don’t know how Juliet changed things. In a perfect scenario, to end the loop Jack’s redemption would be not trying to detonate the bomb. In a loop-continuing scenario Jack tries and succeeds in detonating the bomb. Maybe in other loops someone else is where Juliet is and they successfully detonate the bomb. Juliet doesn’t detonate it so she is the variable.

This is only my second theory so I hope this makes sense!

Another note: The man in the cabin didn’t like technology. I think he was MIB so again he is opposing science.

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