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Has the island its own mind? by Kastrato

A Big question is :does the island has its own mind or its a weapon,a thing,a way for a man to do great things,imposible things.

I want to believe both.The Others says "who are we to stand against the things the island wants".Their leaders seems to believe this but do
they really or they just act infront of their people.Widmore believes that the island is his (It always was it will be again Benzamine).

Alpert does things in the name of Jacob,he also use the island more than listening the island as it could have its own voice.
Hawkings is forched to believe and finaly chooses a destiny that is already written,her unborn son's diarry destiny.
Ben,Ben was a child ,maybe a deceved child and later a man who tried to give some comfort to his people but without breaking a rule of the old time.

Ben is the most enigmatic leader.Against Widmore ,we can say that he has his own lobby ,on and off the island.He has obviously break his relation
with Alpert or at least he has put it in the fringe for years.Thats why Alpert helps Locke and thinks that Ben as leader has almost made them
forget their perpose on the island.Off the island,Ben is full of strategies and conspiracies.I wont be surprised if all the losties are on the
island because of Ben .Maybe the oceanic 815 crash was his plan.

Locke is something different.He is the exeption to the leader-rules.Jonh loves his people he cares even the ones he doent even meet yet.
he believes of a greater perpose for all and the most important is that he listen to the island and the island speaks to him.
He has the greater connection to the Island than all the other leaders.

He hasnt moved the island,he has stabilize it.Gave the weel a little push.And maybe thats why he is now a step forward against Ben.
JAcob and Christian both mentions the phrase "needed-give it a little push".I think they both means little-smart steps at the time.

what do you seek of the final season of Lost.I want a combination of rules.I want the island to have its own mind ,a powerfull emotional-thinking mind.

Against the absolute power of Widmore or Ben.But i also want a plan.It would be great if our Losties had finaly their own strategy.Not seperated
one against the other but all together.

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