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Assuming the atomic bomb successfully detonated, causing the losties to fly without incident from Sydney to LAX, couldn't the explosion itself have started a completely different history of the world from the 70's to the present (2004).

That is, could an atomic bomb going off in the Pacific Ocean in the 1970s have created, say, a confrontation between the US and the Soviet Union. Could such a war have altered history in a way in which there was no Persian Gulf War (no sayid the torturer?) Perhaps a young Christian Shepherd is a surgeon in that war and dies.

Even should the explosion have gone unnoticed to the "real world" in the 1970s, the loss of the electromagnetic properties of the island could cause many things to go on. Desmond, on his race around the world to win widmores respect, would not get stranded, perhaps completing his voyage. Surely he, and perhaps Libby (who gave him the boat) could get into some sort of hijinks.

I believe, instead of normal flashbacks, flashforwards, and timetravel, season 6 will go back to flashbacks, but in this case will be flashbacks to a time we do not know, a perhaps post world war 3 world, or at the very least we will see the same flashbacks but with sublte, yet consequential differences. Perhaps locke is not paralized in an accident. Perhaps sawyer finds the real sawyer before the going to Australia and is never on the flight in the first place. Perhaps Hurley has a horrible case of salmonella as a child, and forever swears off chicken. Maybe the Vikings even win a Super Bowl.

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