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Sun? by whiterabbith

Hey. Long time reader first time poster.
So I have been reading Lost theories on this site for awhile. One mystery that people seem to be forgetting to even try to explain is why Sun is not in the same time( or timeline) as the rest of the Oceanic 6.

Alternate timelines has been a popular theory to what is suppose to happen in season six. However I do not agree that it will be a reset. This alternate timeline will be as important as the past 5 seasons. Again I ask why wasn't sun in the 1977 timeline?

The answer I believe is simple. In the alt timeline Sun choices not to stay with Jin. She leaves him and goes to America. Therefore she was not on the new alt 815 flight and could not travel to the 1977 timeline.

Ok the next is just guessing and pure speculation. Original Sun traveled to the 2007 island timeline in Flight 316. In alt time however we now have an Alt Sun who might make it to America. The other Original timeline Oceanic six people always got on flight 815 and spent some time in LA. However either by coincidence or fate they all catch the same plane again and travel back to the island to the 2007 timeline. (Flight 416 anyone). Hence "they're coming".

I have another good theory about Hurley which I think ties in to everything. There is a reason he was cast first. I would add more details but I have seen the attention to detail on this site and do not want to get yelled at for not remembering every single detail.


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