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Hoð equals Hoth

Norse Mythology is composed of lesser known tales than Greek or Egyptian Mythology. While watching "Some Like it Hoth" in 2009 I was in search of a new theory. A simple Google search of "Hoth" generated results of Star Wars related jargon. Then, one particular link caught my eye. A section with the highlighted words "Hod" and "Norse Mythology" sparked my ever so curios mind. I clicked on the link and was enthralled with my findings. The name "Hod" or "Höðr" (also refered to as "Hoth") is a major God in Norse Mythology. Höðr (MIB) had a twin brother named Balðr (Jacob). Höðr had dark features and was the first of the twins born. Höðr's mother (Mother Earth in "Across the Sea") favored him over his brother Balðr but also made it so that no one could harm Balðr. Something about this story line seems awfully familiar...doesn't it?

Balðr is the God of Light and considered to be fair, just and good. It is said that the death of Balðr would bring about Ragnarock (Norse Mythologies Armageddon or end of all war). Am I totally imagining things Or does Norse Mythology mirror LOST in its themes?

There are a lot of similar plot lines and characters throughout Norse Mythology that bare striking similarities to that in LOST. Tune in next time for an expansion piece entitled "Höðr VS Loki - Darkness has no face".

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