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Something different.. yet appropriately on theme..

Is it possible that people who really hate the end of Lost feel this way because they themselves are somehow "lost" in their own lives?

I remember how Lost made me feel a little more connected when I was somewhat lost in my little journey on this planet. It posed the big questions that both excited and scared me:

Why are we here and what does it all mean?

Is there redemption for me now that I realise all the wrong things I've done in my life?

Do I get a second chance to make something of myself as a person?

Will I ever find someone as f&^%ed up as me to start a family and grow old with.. and is that what I really want?

If I took anything significant away from the end of Lost it was that we ultimately yearn to feel connected to at least one person, romantically or otherwise. I'm sure you can google the wads of research that suggest people who enjoy at least one mutually caring relationship in their life are quantifiably "happier".

So I posit that if you've journeyed enough in this world, you'll eventually realise that most of what we endure is mere distraction from what I believe to be "the meaning of life": the pursuit of happiness.

The mythology and mystery built into Lost is like these distractions. They are the minutiae in the context of the heart and spirit of the message of Lost. If all you do is focus on this need for ultimately unimportant answers then you miss the big picture in the same way that I (and I'm sure many others before me) missed the big picture in the pursuit of the intangible and, ultimately, unattainable.

So i think your appreciation of the ending of Lost is a deeper mirror into your own appreciation of your own life and what it all means, and a mirror well worth deeper inspection.

Thanks for reading.

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