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Loose frames by Rafa

One of the biggest criticisms of Lost is that many mysteries were left unsolved and his final season was not up to the rest of the series. However, I think that most questions were answered, but there were some (numbers, light on the island) that his resolution was somehow ambiguous, leaving everything to the viewer's interpretation. For me, the greatest failure was the late inclusion of Jacob and the Man in Black in the series, two characters of vital importance in the conclusion of the series, so prompting in the sixth season proves inconsistent with the rest of the series. Personally, I think that they don’t have to change anything in the series, as I consider it generally bright and most frames are beautifully composed. But I will discuss possible scenes that could have appeared throughout the series to give all a greater sense and would resolve some issues more enlightening.

The mystery of the cave and light is very poor and improvised; it doesn’t make sense that the real important place of the island (which explains most miracles) makes his first appearance when there’s only four chapters left to conclude. The famous phrase 'I saw the heart of the island and it was beautiful' of Locke seems to refer to it, but we'll never know for sure. Therefore, in the 1x04 (Walkabout), it would have been really interesting that Locke followed the Black Smoke, which would guide him to the cave with the light. The viewers wouldn’t see the face of the cave, only the strong light that would be reflected in Locke's face. It would be remembered as a mystery of the island ... That we wouldn’t see again until the controversial 'Across the sea'. It’s a detail that the fans would have liked and that would give an aura of mystery to the light source since the origins of the series.

And about Jacob, it‘s true that he’s mentioned in the second and third seasons, but we don’t see him until the fifth season, something totally absurd. A character of its importance should have appeared before, at least in small doses. In the second season he could have had a scene of Jacob with Eko, telling him to keep pushing the button no matter what. It would be a mysterious appearance and probably we would relate him to the Others at the time, but as we get more information about the island we would begin to deduce that this is someone very important. Also, at some point in the season finale of the fourth season we would get a flashback of Jacob and Richard, in which Richard tells Jacob that he needs more answers, to which Jacob replies: 'It's time that you see what is the island '. He would bring Richard to the cave and suddenly everything starts shaking. Is the oceanic 316 crashing and Jacob says: 'The final candidates have arrived'. It reveals that the meaning of the island is in the cave, which adds uncertainty and more interest to the question. Furthermore, the fact that two mythological characters such as Richard and Jacob (surrounded by many question marks) and see the oceanic accident adds appeal to the cave. This would help to lay the foundations for the sixth season and give greater coherence to the series overall.

One of the scenes that have less sense after seeing the end of the series is that belonging to the third season, when Ben wants to show the house of Jacob to Locke. Everything starts to shake and the Black Man allegedly seeks help from Locke. I say allegedly because the ghostly apparition is no hallmark of the black man. Instead, I would have made appear the black man played by Titus Welliver, to which Locke would answer 'I know you'. A slight hint that it’s the black man (remember when the black smoke appeared to Locke in season 1). Again, this scene simply adds more consistency to the series and makes it more coherent.

The numbers is one of the biggest mysteries, which is revealed gradually. Certainly it‘s a mystery that is left over in the air, so I think that it wouldn’t cost anything to add a couple of scenes explaining it better. In the finale of the fifth season, I would introduce a flashback where Jacob says to Chang that he wants to talk about the numbers. He says they are very important and he has to use them to protect the island. (The lost experience adds information about the equation valenzetti). It would solve the reason those numbers were introduced in the hatch. But it does not explain what importance they have on the island or why they are cursed. In the 6th season are shown to be those who point the final candidates. I would have added more information in 'What they died for'; Jacob explains that from the beginning of time the Island has marked with numbers the people supposed to protect the island. The numbers are those that empower and mark the destiny of the candidate and future island guardian, that’s why they have a curse beyond the island. It’s an explanation that it can already be deduced, but it doesn’t cost anything to add these scenes to take away the doubt.

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