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Michael's Crime by EMBDowns

Michael's Crime, Why he couldn't move on

Michael's crime was more than betrayal and murder. Considering that he was trying to be a good father he could almost be forgiven.

But he was doing more to fit what he believed a good father should be and less being a good father.

For example, the risk of taking Walt out on the raft knowing how dangerous it was. Would you take your 10 year old out on the open sea with sketchy provisions and no way of getting back if you are wrong? The action itself was more for himself than for Walt.

There was Michael's jealousy of Locke as well. Instead of asking Locke for help he clearly regarded Locke as competition. In this matter he acted like Jin did with Sun, trying to isolate in the name of protection.

But the murder and betrayal of his fellow castaways while a huge crime wasn't the real crime. Again, supposedly he was trying to save his son. But Michael never really talked to Walt about how he felt and Walt had made it plain he was okay with waiting for rescue.

Michael's real crime was that what he did wasn't really for Walt. It was for himself. He needed to feel like he was doing what a good father should do. It was all for himself not Walt. The to add to the crime he tells Walt what he did.
Tom Friendly may have been yanking Michael's chain, but he seemed truly horrified that Michael told Walt.

Go to season 6, Sayid talking to Desmond at the well. Desmond's question to Sayid. "What will you tell her when she asks you what you did to be with her?" That question seems to shock Sayid back to reality. Now think how you would feel if someone told you that they murdered innocent people for you? Would you love them more or would you be horrified?

Walt was 10 years old. His father had betrayed his friends to people who might hurt them and killed two people. Walt had spent time with these people against his will and had some idea of what they were like. After Michael had told Walt he must have realized not only how traumatized Walt was, but also how selfish he,Michael, was when he cut his deal with the Others.
Michael cannot move on until he and Walt reconcile, and he forgives himself, and Walt forgives him. That is why he is a whisper and why he wasn't in the sideways.

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