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Only My Insight by Daniele

I believe that the island is sort of a place of redemption. Not purgatory, but a real place who's purpose is to right the passenger's wrongs. I believe that each person on the island has an issue that needs to be resolved, and that is the common factor among each of the characters. On this island, most of these characters discover true soulmates. (Even though Sun and Jin were married, she still had doubts in their compatibility before they ended up on the island, hence the affair.)

Each of their issue is resolved, during the run of the show. And eventually they die and are reunited with their soulmates in the sideways flash, to all enter into the light together.

Jacob and the MIB are factors in deciding whether these people are really going to redeem themselves. Whose who are worthy die and meet up in the sideways flash, those who aren't still have not proven themselves and are stuck or in hell already. Ben is basically convinced that he is doing the work for Jacob, but is mostly the right-hand man to the MIB. Richard is actually Jacob's right hand man.

The Dharma Initiative, the Others, and the Ajira flight are also people who basically end up on the island for the same purpose. That's why some die right away, and some, who have redeeming qualities survive much longer.

Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawkings are both sort of ushering these people to the island to be tested and ultimately judged.

Other dynamics like the numbers, I have no idea, but I am gonna guess that each one of these numbers held a certain quality that is unique to each of the Oceanic 6, and to each 6 stations.

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