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I wrote this a year ago right after the last show aired. I sent this to some friends explaining to them how the writers could have tied up a lot of the loose ends with out really changing any of the episodes and only adding a few minimal pieces of dialog. I finally decided to post this now since there haven't been any discussions about the show lately. Here are the changes that I would make to answer most of the missing questions on Lost.

First when Jack, Kate and Hurley get back to the island back in 1970. When Swayer first meets Jack and tells them that they are in the Dharma initiative I would have had Jack ask, “What is the Dharma initiative”. Sawyer would explain, “It's a science expedition.” “How did it get here?” “Some Dharma guys were doing some ocean research when the island just suddenly appeared. From that point on they started to study it” “How come they never came back when we were there?” “Faraday and I talked about that. He figured out that right after Ben had his little purge that. He must have moved the island again so they couldn't find it. The crazy thing is doc, do you remember that little food drop we were getting. Faraday thinks that when the island was moved again that the food drop got caught in some temporal loop and it's been the same one that has been falling over and over again on the island.

Second when Jack tells every one his plan to blow up a bomb to reset the island Juliet says, “Jack are you sure about this? If your wrong, the fall out from an explosion like that could be the very reason that no one can get pregnant on this island.”

Third when Jack, Hurley and Kate are all taken to the temple. I would have had Jack ask, “Who are you guys?” The samurai guy would have said, “We work for Jacob, we are the good guys” How are you the good guys, you've tortured us, stole all our children and made our lives a living hell” The samurai guy would reply “Jacob and his nemesis have been at war for many years and have brought many people to this island. Our role is test and see who's side they are on. Some times are methods can be a little drastic.” “Drastic, you slaughtered every one on this island and threw them into a mass grave” “the Darmha Initiative got corrupted. Their leaders fell under the power of the nemesis. They were trying to find the heart of this island and extinguish it's light . So they had to die. a small sacrifice to save the world. “Why did you steal the children?” The children should not to be part of this war. That is why we brought them here . It is the only place on the island that can give them safety, now no more questions.” No !!! I have one more question , if this is the only safe place then why send Walt away?” “After we took Walt he started to demonstrate signs that he was special. This specialness was a great concern of Jacob's He was afraid of what he might become and he wanted to get him as far away from the island as possible”

Next when, Jacob and the Man in Black had their flash back. I would have shown the large statue and had one of the kids ask there mom where did that statue come from. I would have had mom say, “My people built these structures when we first made it to this island . I'm the only one left and I have been here a very long time.”

Later in that episode I would have had the young Man in black show some Walt type specialness. When his mother asked him where he got the game. He would have said I drew it in the sand and it then appeared in the water.

Latter when the MIB was leaving after he saw his dead Mom I I would have had fake mom say. “Don't go with them. I know I lied but I was trying to protect you. You must realize that your special and if you go with them they will corrupt you and turn you against me and this island.”

“I'm going with them and you can't stop me and I'm going to leave this island.” “you'll never be able to leave this island.

When Jacob and Mom were talking outside the cave of light I would have had Jacob say. “you always wanted him not me”

“No, you don't understand. Your brother was special but not favored. His power was not from this island. I had to watch over him and protect him more then you. I was afraid that if he would fall into corruption and then entered into this place there would be no telling what type of monster he could turn into”

“But it was always you Jacob. I have watched and waited for hundreds of years before you were even born waiting for you to come. I picked you and brought you here to succeed me and to protect this island, and this light.” Look, down there is the light of this island.” All men have come out of this light. And every man carries some of it.

“what is this place” Jacob says

“This was the beginning. It is where man fell from and it is the place where man is no longer aloud to go. We are sworn to protect it.


“Life flows from that river. And that life is in the heart of all men. If men find this place and turn it off death will fall upon all men and all that have life will die. This island has allowed me to live many year protecting it's light but all things must die and my time has now come. Here drink of this water and take my hands. You are now like me”

When Jack meets Jacob and the baton is passed I would have him say. “Lock has been looking for this spot for a long time and now that I'm dead he has finally found it. He has been corrupted and deceived. He is filled with rage and believes all that he has been taught is a lie. He believe that if he pulls this cork he will sink this island and finally get off. But if he puts out that light and the island sinks all life will go down with it .”

Latter When Jack and Lock are talking going to the center of the island I would have Lock say about sinking this island. And say, “I'm going to sink this damn Island and your not going to stop me.” “ “No I'm going to help you and When that light is turned off I'm going to kill you.

After the cork is pulled and the island starts to shake and sink I would have Lock say, “You see Jack nothing happened were not all dead, Were all still alive.”

Jack then jumps Lock and hits him. Lock see his face cut . Jack says, “really if thats true why are you now vulnerable and bleed.

Finally at the end of the episode right after Jack's dad told him he was also dead. I would have had Jack ask then what was this life that we just lived off the island. I would have had Jacks dad say “That life was a gift from the island. It wanted to give you a chance to live your life free from the hell it had to put you through to get you to save every one. It also wanted to honor what you once said Jack” “And what was that dad?” “Live together die, die alone. The island was patiently waiting for you all to find each other and come to the realization that you needed each other so that you may come and enter it's light together as one..

These little tweaks would have answered the questions of were did all the Egyptian stuff comes, what was the deal with Walt, what was Dharma initiative, Why did they kill every one, how did the food get there, what was the island, why did Dharma never come back, why and how would everyone die if Desmond was never on that island, what was the purpose of the flash sideways, where did the kids go, why did the others do all that stuff and why couldn't the women give birth on the island.

This would have made the story infinitely better and answered all most all of the question in a cohesive way.

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