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Only the Good Die Jung recap by pixiedustkaty

Here's a recap of my original theory with some corrections now that I've seen the end of the show. The show LOST is based on the writings of Carl Jung, especially his Pisces 1 and Pisces 2 Theory about the End of Days. The show is about the beginning of the End of Days. At the end of the Age of Pisces, Jung predicted a battle between Good and Evil based on mythology and ancient literature. The signs for the End of Days include pregnant women suffering, mountain and island will disappear and a woman will give birth to a male child and the demons will want to destroy that child. The members of the 10 Lost tribes of Jacob will be scattered all over the planet and husbands won't even be speaking to wives and all of the tribes will reunite at the End of Days. That's why I thought the episode title "LA X" means "The Ten".

The setting for the battle is place in afterlife called Shoel. Shoel is the entrance to Heaven and Hell. These sections of Shoel were easy to identify:

1) The Righteous (the good guys) live in tents at the base of the holy mountain. The Righteous rescue "the doubtful" souls who end up in Shoel but didn't do anything seriously wrong in the lifetimes. The Others are the Righteous and they made lists and kidnapped the Doubtful souls which usually includes the children. Remember that Goodwin's explanation that they didn't take someone or have them on the list because "he wasn't a good person". The tent area is also where Abraham lives and I believe that Richard was Abraham because he has his tent open on 3 sides in Jughead and lived a long, long life. Abraham is the father of 4 of the major religions on the planet and taught in Egypt.
2) And there's the area where the Fallen Angels were housed until destroyed=The Dharma Initiative. The Fallen Angels were very interested in giving dangerous scientific breakthroughs to humans so they would destroy each other, thus "changing the world".

The top demon in Shoel is Samuel (MIB) who guards the entrance to Hell and the top archangel is Uriel (Jacob). Uriel is known as "the fire of God" who guards the entrance to Heaven. We first saw Jacob in the cabin as a pillar of fire whom Ben correctly identified by saying "oh, that's Jacob". We usually see Jacob around a fire and I think we saw him at the Flame Station as the scraggly cat. Uriel is the angel in the Book of Revelation who stands at the golden censer (the big fire bowl that MIB knocked Jacob into). Jacob also ended up being ashes in a fire in the end.

At each level of enlightenment, there's an angel and a demon to help/hinder the members of the Lost tribes of Jacob. The first level has archangel Sandalphon who is the tallest archangel and known for carrying a staff. Sandalphon's name means "brother". That was Mr. Echo and he discovered the first Dharma station. Sandalphon has a twin brother who is also called "The Youth" or Metraton. Metraton's name means "to take" and he is seen at the last level and whenever someone dies or makes a big transition. Remember how Walt kept showing up at big transition times? That's why I was glad to see Walt as the final Jacob in the additional material in Season 6. The demon at first level is Nahemoth - one who experiences and creates grief and misery. That's Anna Lucia-enough said.

Some of the more powerful archangels and demons can go from level to level but some can only stay at their own particular level. The next level has archangel Gabriel whose name means "God is my strength". Gabriel often heralds children and announces pregnancies. Juliet is Gabriel. Gabriel is also known as The Morning Star and Watcher of the South. Juliet got her branding as a punishment that looks like a morning star and she kept on eye on Sawyer who was from the South. The demon at that level is Lillith who usually is shown as a beautiful woman with long, red hair-=(Charlotte). Gabriel and Lillith battle and Gabriel wins. Juliet beat up Charlotte at the station with the gas.

The next level introduces Archangel Raphael whose name means "God heals". Raphael defeats demon Adrammelech whose name means "a high precipice from which the scapegoat falls". Dave is Adrammelech and he is defeated by Libby who is the archangel Raphael. We see Libby usually helping others and in hospitals and institutions. Raphael defeats Adrammelech and Libby defeated Dave.

The next level has the Archangel Haniel, "the grace of God", who is all all about love and relationships. Haniel argues with Moses at the End of Days trying to dissuade Moses from fighting Samuel. Haniel is Bernard. Jack is Moses who will lead the tribes at the end of days and usually is seen with a beard. Thus, Jack's famous beard. The demon at this level is Baal who is a false god. That's Pierre Chang whom everyone thought would provide answers. Pierre is the leader of the Fallen Angels (Dharma Initiative).

The next level has the Archangel Michael whose name means "Who is as God" and that's Michael because he fights for his child so much. Archangel Michael is a warrior and known as "one who escaped" because he was being dragged to hell when he defeated the fallen angels and escaped. Michael escaped from the Island. The demon at this level is Belpheger who grants power of inventions and discovery to men, is known for sloth and is "the disputer". I think Belpheger is Razinski.

The next level has the Archangel Khamel-the severity of God who has knowledge of karma (cause and effect). Thats Eloise-she usually knew what was going to happen and killed her own son. The demon at this level is Asmodeus, the demon of lust who is sometimes shown as humorous, diminutive and hates birds. That's Frogert. Asmodeus lives at the level called "The Burning Bodies" and Frogert did get struck with a burning arrow and that area of the beach definitely had it's share of burning bodies.

The next level has the archangel Tradqiel, "the justice of God" who is old with white hair and is the energy force behind wealth or poverty. That's Charles Widemore. The demon at this level is Ashtaroth who is the prince of accusers and inquisitions who teaches math, answers questions and tells of the past and future. I think that's Miles. He certainly would question the souls' choices all the time.

The next level has the archangel Ratziel whose name means "the secrets of God" and arrives when a person's wisdom has increased-I'm guessing that's Illana. Illana answered a lot of the questions the souls asked. The demon at this level is Beelzebub-the lord of things that fly who brings on war. He is also a demon who hurts by being too helpful…the codependency demon? I'd guess that's Frank who kept protesting he wanted to help. Or Frank could be a cherubim who is a charioteer of god and transports souls to their destinations. I think the literature is full of people not being able to figure out who Beelzebub actually is…so they did a good job if it really is Frank as he is such a likable character.

The next level has the archangel Tzaphqiel-the feminine aspect of unconditional love and forgiveness whose name means Knowledge or Contemplation of God. That's Rose. Tzaphqiel doesn't like to get involved…is very passive. The demon at this level is Lucifuge who is also called "the hairy one of God". He kills men, drowns them and overcomes warships and is in charge of the government in hell. That's Keamy.

The top level has Archangel Metatron (Walt) who is called "The Youth" or "the angel of death". At the End of Days, the angel of death will actually be left in charge of Shoel. The demon at this level is Samuel (MIB)-evil incarnate who needs to be defeated.

At the End of Days, 3 Messiahs will appear to help the souls: Moses (Jack) who will lead the tribes and do whatever it takes to defeat evil, The Messiah ben David (son of David) who is Hurley, and the Messiah ben Joseph (son of Joseph) who is Ben. Hurley's dad is named David. This Messiah rides on a jackass-we've seen Hurley do that. He is the lamb or person who tries to solve conflict peacefully. The lamb opens the first box and starts the process of the End of Days….Hurley used the numbers to win the lottery and "opened the box that couldn't be closed again". After breaking the first seal, the lamb rides a white horse with a crown. Hurley won the lottery and then rode around in his dirty white van wearing a Burger King crown. People will thilnk the Messiah ben David is insane. Ditto for Hurley.

The false prophet will fool everyone into thinking he is the Messiah. The false prophet is described as being bald with a spot on his head. Flocke meets all of the descriptions.

The Messiah ben Joseph will fall from the sky in a flying chariot, be despised and tortured, will be unable to walk but be cured, be "pierced" or thrust through, be betrayed by someone he trusts, will win many battles for good, and die hanging on a tree and be resurrected, and be the son of Joseph. As you can see, both Ben and Locke seemed to met all of those qualifications and the paternity of both were always in question. I think the father of Messiah ben Joseph was probably Kelvin Joe Inman. Simply because he is the only fellow named Joseph on the show that I could find. People did think that MIB was Locke resurrected and thus they follow him as the false prophet. That's a big prediction in all End of Days literature. A third of the surviving people will follow the false prophet.

A little bit about the lost tribes of Jacob and who is who. Tribe of ephraim known for being fruitful even in captivity-that's Sun and Jin. Tribe of Mehasheh-who makes to forget-that's Sayid. Tribe of Benjamin-son of the South-that's Sawyer. Tribe of Gad-known as lucky-Hurley. Tribe of Dan-thought to have moved to Ireland-that's Charlie. I honestly don't know much about the 10 Lost Tribes of Jacob at this point.

I think Charlie is the prophet Jeremiah who was humiliated by a powerful king and knew of his own death. Locke humiliated Charlie and Desmond told him when he'd die.

Daniel Faraday is the prophet Isaiah who is pictured in the Sistine Chapel with a little black book. Isaiah talks about changing or stopping time. Isaiah uses rocks and boulders to explain ideas.

Desmond is the prophet Elijah who confronts a king and goes into hiding for 3 years while the king's daughter searches for him. Elijah returns to catalyze the Messiah. Desmond was in the Swan Hatch for 3 years after fighting with Widemore while Penny searched for him. Desmond returned at the last level and helped catalyze winning the war against evil. Elijah is predicted to return 45 days after the Messiah returns. Desmond came back after Hurley had already returned to the Island.

Kate seems to mirror the character of Ester whose name means "hidden". Ester loved her stepfather and begged for his survival with a king. Kate hid her identity, loved her stepfather and begged for Sawyer's survival.

Christian Shepherd is the Nostrim or Watchman who is predicted to speak for the higher powers at the End of Days. Nostrim actually means "christian". The Nostrum will be know for drinking alcohol to excess and eating pork. They are always taking about pigs in a blanket and dipping ham in sauce when the Shepherds talk about food. Christian was an alcoholic so he meets all of the description and he even said "I can speak for Jacob".

The 4 horsemen of the apocalypse are in the show. The white horse is Hurley's white van. The red horse is Hurley's red sports car. The black horse is the black suburban (or the actual black horse Kate sees). The pale horse is the pale blue VW van.

When evil is conquered, none of the Messiahs really have to accomplish it according to the ancient literature. Kate kills the false prophet, Flocke.

The story really follows the Book of Revelations fairly closely. The Messiahs break the seals…you see Ben cracking through ice, falling thru a dirt floor. You see Hurley break through a window. You see Jack breaking into the funeral home. Then the trumpet blasts begin. The first trumpet is blown by Archangel Michael and you hear it when Michael drives his car into the dumpster in "Meet Kevin Johnson". First trumpet signals beginning of war on land. Keamy makes war on the Island. The two trumpets blow in same episode when you hear a ship horn followed by a train whistle. 2 trumpets indicate blood in the water and the Mountain disappears. Keamy slits the doctor's throat and throws him in the water. The Island disappears. When 3 trumpets sound, great star falls from the sky called Wormwood and the water becomes bitter. This may be Flight 315 falling from the sky. The water in the temple gets bitter. There are three train horns when Jack breaks into the funeral home. Sawyer blows a car horn in Dharmaville 4 times. At the 4 trumpets, day turns to night. That's what Hurley said happened when Jughead was exploded. The Archangel Gabriel is the angel who will provide the power to cross the Abyss. Juliet sets off Jughead. At 5 trumpets, a great war between good and evil begins. 5 alarms sound when Hurley tells the Others at the Temple that Jacob is dead. The war between Flocke and Widemore begins. At 6 trumpets, the troops assemble. Everyone gets back together. Locke's alarm rings 6 times in "The Substitute". At this time two witnesses are killed by the false prophet. The witnesses have been impossible to kill and have been sorry about their past actions. I think the witnesses are Dugan (the prophet Enoch who judges souls and went to afterlife without dying) and Jack (the prophet Moses). A third of the souls follow the false prophet, a third get killed and a third escape. This happened when MIB got into the temple. Seven alarm rings are heard in Pierre Chang's alarm clock. At 7 trumpets, the Messiah ben David resurrects the dead and wins the war without actually participating in the war. Hurley raises Desmond and Ben. I think Ben probably died on a tree per the prophecy when the tree fell on him. Kate kills the false prophet. The 10 Lost Tribes of Jacob are reunited. The sideways timeline is the rapture or "harpazo" when souls are taken up into the clouds and shown a heavenly future. In the middle of the End of Days, the Messiah ben David and Messiah ben Joseph reign. Hurley and Ben ruled the Island after the war is won until they hand leadership to Walt.

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