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In one of their last podcasts, Damon mentioned the Neo/Archictect conversation from the Matrix. In this scene, when Neo reacts to statements made by the architect, an array of monitors behind him displays some of the possible, or alternate, reactions Neo could have made. Despite all of those possibilities, free will led to the reaction Neo ultimately chose.

In LOST, whatever happened, happened. Despite minor changes in history that may occur due to acts of free will, the universe course-corrects. Desmond altered history by saving Charlie, yet Charlie ultimately died anyway. Desmond used his free will to alter history, forcing the Universe to course correct.

The important point to keep in mind isn't that the Universe course corrects, it's that DESPITE the course corrections, there existed an array of possibilities that have or might have occurred in defiance of WHH. The visual inconsistencies we witnessed (Chang's changing ties, the record players, the picture frames, the changing monologue in each iteration of Rousseau's recording, etc...), were the equivalent of the array of monitors in the Architect's office showing us what could have been despite WHH.

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