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As the subject implies, it is a theory about the Black Smoke Monster which lurks on the island in LOST.)

A few days after I watched the final episode of the finale (maybe even a few weeks I forget), I put together an extremely strange and (if true) original idea on what the Black Smoke could be and what its purpose is. What if the Black Smoke actually is the Sideways World? This would explain many mysteries surrounding it and its abilities. Like when the transforms into only dead people. Or when people see their lives inside it.

What if the light in the islands center represents every single living being on Earth's inner light or life force. What if when Jacob threw Samuel into the pit of light he became the physical manifestation of a special purgatory put together to specially hold people who died or who's light got on the island. Specifically the castaways and others connected to them because the light sensed that these people had a special connection to each other. So it manipulated Jacob to throw Samuel into the pit so that he could absorb those special peoples light to act as a place for them to go when they died.

To put it simpler, the black smoke is the place that the castaways light will go to inhabit when they die because the light at the center of the island knew they had a bond and tried to keep them together by manipulating Jacob to throw his brother into it so he could absorb those peoples light and become the purgatory. The purgatory has a sort of story to it (the flashsideways world we see in season six) because it takes place within Samuel/MIB's mind but the actual samples of light are all within him. And the reason they went through the doors at the end is because that was when Samuel (In UnLocke form) either died or lost his powers. They no longer had anything to hold their light so they had to go to wherever people go without the intervention of phenomena like smoke monsters.

What does everyone think?

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