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The Same Woman by Micardo

In the Season 4 episode The Other Woman, we see Juliet getting interviewed/interrogated by Harper Stanhope. At some point in the conversation, Harper says (or something to this effect) that one of the reasons why she is here is because Juliet "looks like her". Now I know a lot of people including myself thought that this "her" was Ben's mother, as they are both blonde (funny how Juliet was also used to talk to Jack in the Hydra rooms because she looked like his ex-wife).

My theory is this, what if the "her" that Harper is talking about is in fact Juliet from the past (1977). Because young Ben must have seen Juliet in between 74 and 77, and after the events of Whatever Happened, Happened, young Ben must have been wondering where the lovely blonde who tried to fix him up after getting shot went to.... He searched for years and then found her in the USA and brought her to the island with help from Richard (Not in Portland).

Now i know that if Harper knew of a Juliet from the past then she would suitably freak out when seeing her in 2001, but that can be explained by Ben describing her to Harper, (after all she is a psychologist...) so Harper does not have a face to think of, just Ben's description.

And yes Ben's memory was pretty much wiped when he was saved by Richard in WHH, but like Claire's memory, couldnt he have regained a little bit over time?

Let me know what you think.

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