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Okay, here we go....

Thought the LAST 15 minutes of LOST is great(seemed more like 20 minutes to me,but I'm not complaining). It was set-up straight from the start to answer some dangling questions and they showed us this by having the DHARMA printing guy Glen say to Ben-"But we deserve answers"!(translation="Don't leave us hanging, Damon & Carlton")...so Ben gave them....

Hurley Bird-little cheesy and slick, but I'll take it.

The Polar Bears-I was right about them from the 1st time they introduced ELECTOMAGNETISM and the DONKEY WHEEL...Why?

..1st-Sawyer and Friendly talking about how it took the "Bears only two hours to figure it out"...They were training the bears to push the Wheel and the tracking collar found in Tunisia(the Island exit) confirms this.

...2nd-I saw on Discovery channel about how the Polar bear is one of the few and I think only animal that DOES NOT show up on Radar due to them having "Insulated skin" and I also heard that Military uses dead polar bear skin/hide on their snow gear to hide from enemy radar in Snowy/Icy/cold scenarios.


It's 2012(play spooky music)! WHAT!? HOW?

The guys at the Warehouse said they were there for 20 years and Ben replies to them that DHARMA has been gone for 20 years....Well in Ben's eyes-He helped the Others "purge" DHARMA in 1992 and from his perspective, he would be correct to saying that they have been gone for 20 years,putting the "Present" in 2012.

This leads to....

Walt's Age?

He would be 18(the actor's real age,even the MDK was born in 1992).

Walt was born in 1994. He was 10 in 2004(He told this to Hurley). And he was in SANTA ROSA( an adult mental health facility-NO KIDS! So him being 18 in 2012 lines up perfectly). And I would like to add that this would clear-up the Walt age mess and line-up both the character's and actor's age in sync with each other.

This also leads me to believe that 5-10 years from now, that Disney will "tap" into the franchise again and make LOST: THE RETURN to suck more money from us(I don't know about you,but LOST got expensive for me-Ha!).You would get a whole knew cast and all you would need is Walt(which would be in his early to mid twenties), Ben(Michael Emerson would still look the part-he keeps age well), and Hurley(the actor would be in his early forties)-You use Ben and Hurley in the Pilot(as guest stars) to pass the torch to Walt(who would be the lead)...it would work-just don't use a plane.

Well, Enjoy my ramblings! and everyone have a good day!

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