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Parallel Universes by Frank

Lost is about Parallel Universes and altenate realities, nothing more.

A set of characters take a flight from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles California.

In the first Parallel Universe, the plane encounters the same turbulence (as in the previous stated paragraph), but in this Universe the plane crashes and there are survivors. They crash on the "lost island" where the rules of time and space are in constant flux. The character interact, some fall in love, some die, and some do leave the island and return to a normal Universe.

In the second parallel Universe, the plane crosses the Pacific, encounters some rough turbulence mid-flight and lands in L.A. All characters do eventually meet, interact, and remember a parallel/past life with one another.

In the third parallel Universe, the plane crashes and all die on board.

I try not to look nor read too much into things like this because its alwasy the simple and easy explanation that makes the most sense in the end.

At brief moments in time/space where the Parallel Universes overlapped, the characters of the story became more "aware" of each other and their surroundings. Makes the finale more believable - at the end we, the viewers, are watching the second Universe. Nothing happens on the flight across the pacific, but all are drawn to one another with a strong sense of Deja Vu.

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