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In the closing moments of “The End”, we discovered that the Los Angeles-based “Sideways” reality we had been watching all season was actually the afterlife, a religiously-neutral “heaven” or purgatory outside of time in which all of our favorite characters awaited an awakening to the memories of their past lives before they could successfully move on.

Or is there room for a different interpretation? Many of the critics of the Lost finale complain that the ending was too simplistic - and perhaps too-saccharine - for a show of Lost's complexities, an ending that completely discarded questions of science in favor of a wholesale endorsement of faith. My personal opinion, however, it that - contrary to being simplistic - the ending of Lost was actually ambiguous enough to allow for the possibility of an alternative interpretation of the “Sideways”. Namely, that this world which seemed to be Los Angeles, and which was seemingly revealed to be the afterlife, wasn’t the afterlife at all. Or, at least, not the afterlife as we usually envision it, the afterlife that religion and popular tradition have depicted. I believe that there is a possibility that the “Sideways” may instead represent a parallel universe, unknown to us and inaccessible to us until after death.

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