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Wishful Thinking by Electromagneto

After the finale, as many others have expressed, I felt the end was somewhat left wanting. Which began an all out expedition for what I would have wanted from the finale; what exactly would have satiated my desire for narrative closure?

*By no means am I bashing those who actually enjoyed the finale they were given. I am not so self deluded to think other opinions are not valid, this is simply the direction I would have preferred from the end.

I think Ive narrowed it down to a few points…

Mother Origins

Lets begin with the end - Faux Mom. In my mind, the only plausible explanation is that her and her “Mother before” her were from the future. Perhaps they were on the island when doomsday comes to fruition; via valenzetti (see http://theoriesonlost.blogspot.com/2010/05/valenzetti-you-complete-me-by.html), perhaps a doomsday that wasn’t supposed to happen as a consequence of something the losties did when they messed with time, or perhaps through people finding the island and messing with the properties throughout history. So as a matter of fate, course correcting itself, sent faux mom and her mother back through time to fix whatever went wrong.

Perhaps having been exposed to the island properties, Mother before became the original Smokey and Faux mom an opposite counter balance to Smokey (perhaps a being of light; playing off of the light/dark scale). This would also explain Mother’s abilities as well as her ghastly creepy reflection in the water when she encounter’s Jacob/MIB’s real mother.

Dharma, the Ancient Builders, etc…

For the record I would have loved seeing Dharma actually finding the island and encountering Richard and Co. and how the pact/truce came about. I would have loved to have seen the Ancients/Egyptians coming and doing the same thing, only to have the same result: Man tries to harness the island’s powers and end up being wiped out for their crimes. I would have loved to see Faux mom or “Mother before” getting mass smokey on everyone =)

Failsafe(s) and Abilities

I also believe Faux mom and/or Mother before would go off island planting failsafes throughout history – like Jacob going off island touching people. They were basically planting failsafes that insured the protection of the island (aka the destruction of mankind), if somehow they were to fail themselves. By doing so, these “chosen” failsafe people would have abilities that would pass down through generations. Descendants like Miles, Hurley, Desmond, Eloise and WAAAAALLLTT!!!! And like genetic dispositions, the “special” gene can dilute, mutate, and even skip a generation and/or concurrent family members. Which explains varied results of manifested abilities.

In Conclusion

- Man will try to harness island’s prop
- Man will bring about their own doomsday (see theory link)
- Thus there must be a protector due to man’s nature
- Full circle, Jack and Co. become the only group of people who came to the island, not only without intention of abusing the island’s properties, but ultimately changing man’s course towards doomsday (again, see theory link).

Then, with fruitions in hand, we see Jack dying, closing his eyes and reuniting with losties in purgatory.

There you have it. This makes it for me. That’s the way I would have painted it. Close the curtain. Now I can feel that cathartic, emotional reward without the tinge of dissatisfaction and cheapened sentimentality; to feel whole as a dedicated viewer; of that well deserved moment of closure, of what still is the best show ever made.

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