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Okay, this isn't as much theorizing as a big "what if?" "game".

something life-altering (maybe not LIFE-altering, but... it was enough to make me submit this)occurred in the How do you feel about "Sawyer" (I feel him just fine - my answer) poll.

I said, what if Sawyer HAD been in that casket at the end of season 4? And rather than John Locke being "resurrected", it'd be James Ford! Of course, all of after-season-3 would have been rewritten, but think of what could have happened! Jack and Locke rather than Jack and... Hurley. think about the Man in Black going about in Sawyer's body, with Sawyer's voice. think about the eventual meeting of Jack and Sawyer, or Kate and Sawyer. Sawyer and Jacob. and perhaps the writers could "redeem" Locke of his "most tragic character" bid in this version by having him meet the reaper near the end of Season 6.

I loved how tragic John's character was... I believe his is one of the greatest characters in all of art (art, right!? do I really call it an "American Television Series"?). but now that it's over, I have to feed my lost-hysteria some how.

anyone else have any fun "What ifs"? I'd love to hear what people think of my own, because it opens a new dimension to Lost.



doesn't Aaron's age / appearance look hauntingly familiar to Jacob when he was young?

what if Aaron was Jacob growing in another woman's body!!!! he lays little "Jacob-Eggs" the females of the Island, and since none really escape, all die on the island!

oh! oh!
what if the Smoke Monster turned out to be a dinosaur in the pilot episode, like so many people thought? how many episodes do you think Lost would have gotten?

(i hope i've kept you entertained. it's game time. GO CELTICS!)

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