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What really happened by Artie Dossick

I believe that they did not all die in the plane crash. They all died at different times but that is irrelevant. I believe the show was all about Jack and not one other person. In many religions life is believed to be a test to see if you go to heaven or essentially hell. The island was Jacks test, so he needed to be with the people who would have the most impact on his life. This is why Jack is the last person to "remember," and the shows begins with him opening his eye and ends with him closing his eye.

We also see Christian in what I believe is purgatory or the flash-sideways. He is not wearing shoes so I believe he is a descendant or an angel. In South Park they portrayed purgatory as an airplane waiting to take off, but all of the celebrity's need to accept that they are dead. Christian is like the pilot, when he opened the doors of the church light flows in, and they pass into the after life.

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