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What kind of LOST fan are you? by E-Money

A Desmond:
These fans loved The End from the initial viewing. Notables include all the various recappers and first responder theory writers here at DarkUFO. These special fans had the privilege of helping to educate and enlighten those of us that were not quite ready to let go of our unanswered questions hang-up.

A Hurley:
A second viewing and a little nudge into the light from the likes of a Desmond had these types of fans remembering that LOST was always a character driven series and as long as the producers stayed true to that, we didn’t need to be spoon-fed all the answers.

A Sayid:
You know Sayid wouldn’t be caught dead reading a LOST themed blog, so his education takes a little longer than those with direct access to a Desmond. Luckily, A Sayid is probably a friend or family member of a Hurley, ready and willing to help guide those a little less obsessed with LOST.

A Jack:
Much like our favorite protagonists, a Jack had an extremely hard time letting go of mysteries that remained unexplained. Perhaps it was the outrigger time traveling shootout or Walt’s unfinished story line, but these fans had a hard time accepting the story’s conclusion; however, with a little extra time and more flashes of brilliance from the online community a Jack has finally made his peace with LOST.

It really doesn’t matter what which of the above categories you fell into, in the eyes of Lindelof and Cuse’s vision, you got it. That’s really all that matters. All of those LOST fans made it to the very end and will move on happy, unlike the rest…

A Nikki/Paulo:
Know anyone who gave up on LOST and stopped watching at some point after season one? Much like the end of Nikki and Paulo on LOST, their disappearance did not affect me in the least.

A Ben:
For whatever reason, these fans still have things to work out before fully appreciating Lindelof and Cuse’s ending. They’ve watched it multiple times, they’ve read every theory and recap, but still are not completely satisfied. Maybe they’ll never be, but that is a Ben’s choice.

A Daniel:
This category contains the casual LOST viewer, possibly confused by the episode and unaware of the vast array of online resources. It’s your job as a Desmond, Hurley, Sayid and Jack to spread the word. Ben’s can help spread the word too. This is an open discussion and all viewpoints should be heard.

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