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What the Island actually was by Keamy

First of all, let me say that I am not a scientist nor do I know that this makes sense at all, it's just a theory about what the Island was.

Long ago, when the Big Band happened, planets and stars were formed. What eventually led planets to revolve around a sun was gravity. Gravity itself was not strong enough however and soon a pocket or bubble, on each planet was formed.

The Island is the Earth's bubble. A revolving bubble on Earth that is outside of time.

(Imagine the moon revolving around the Earth. The Island basically does the same thing.

It is possible to go to the island because there is a very tiny gap in the bubble. Flight 815 crossed this gap in 2004 and The Others have always crossed the gap to get the mainland.

As stated in the show however, it is very tough to find the island each time the Others left the island. (This is explains the beacon The Others had to locate the gap to return to the Island)

In the center of the Island is the glowing golden light. This light is the electromagnetic energy in the bubble.

So what does the energy do? Well, it keeps the earth in orbit with the sun of course.

If that cork is unplugged for too long, the bubble bursts. What happens? Well we die because that chain holding earth to the orbit of the sun would be broken and the earth itself would drift off into space.

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