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Thoughts on the birth problems by Marcus

Hi folks, here’s my thoughts on the birth problems and the most likely cause.

I’m fairly sure nothing can be conceived on the island. While it’s true we saw Ethan being born on the island, we don’t know how long Amy had been there beforehand. She was most likely another Claire and conceived off island, then was brought to the island well into her final term. Showing Ethan’s birth was just another example of misdirection by the producers.

Remember Mothers words in ATS, she said she got to the island by accident, and implied that’s how everyone else got there. Same with Dogen, he said he was brought to the island like everyone else. If you notice in ATS too, the camp that Mother destroyed had no kids there, all adults. Now these people must’ve have been living there with MIB for many years and yet none of the women carried to term??

The big question is why? Why can’t any of the women give birth? I don’t think it’s time travel. We know the island is always moving through time, but crucially times still passes at the same rate on the island.

ATS rules out Jughead being the cause

I think the most likely cause is a form of preeclampsia, where the Mothers own immune system rejects the baby. Now normally the immune system won’t reject a baby, but anyone brought to the island is instantly exposed to its negative energy, and it’s this negative energy which boosts the immune system a 100 fold.
This stronger immune system can also explain why Locke’s gunshot wound healed so quickly, why Rose’s cancer went into remission, why Jack recovered from his operation, and so on.

Other evidence that points to the birth issues being a form of preeclampsia is Juliet’s actions in season 3. She was so desperate to get Sun off the island before she entered into her second trimester. This is a classic sign of preeclampsia, it normally only happens during the second gestation period.

Thanks for reading )

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