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Lost Theory Redux Along with Evidence by Hitta

The island is a representation of internal struggles being played on on the grand stage.
a) All of the characters names are of philosophers, thinkers, political revolutionaries etc.
b) The center the island was a light; the light could be looked as a representation hope and existence.
The character “Mother” stated that there is a little bit of the light in every thing; and if the light were to go out everything would cease to exist.
c)The numbers 4, 8, 15,16 23, and 42 add up to 108. It is the divine number in eastern religions. Could be a signification for enlightenment by people coming together to reach a state of peace and self-actualization

The Alt Universe was not some sort of special purgatory
a) Mrs. Hawking clearly stated that Desmond was capable of changing things, but the universe would course correct what he changed.
b) Daniel told Desmond that he believed that the Alt Universe was created when he exploded a bomb creating the alternate time line.
c)The dilemma of why exactly purgatory would look exactly like normal reality. Mrs. Hawking wanting her son to stay with her in purgatory?
d) I'm of the opinion that objectivity is meant to be skewed in Lost; that everything is of debate. I'm sort of of the opinion that the writers believed that everything was “purgatory”. That life is sort of a way to work problems out. This sort of makes the island a place of karmic choice or something; just like the alt reality.

The Alt Universe was a way of showing that there was no way to separate the castaways, because destiny had tied them together.
a)Miraculous they all found each other.
b) Technically the rules of time travel denoted by Mrs. Hawking and Daniel Faraday were not broken in any way. They didn't really change anything that the universe had destined, they still all ended up together.... aka 4,8,15,16,23,42.
c)The realization moments in the ALT universe were symbolic of divine enlightenment. The survivors reconnected with their “Constant”; the thing that broke them from their chains. The constant allowed the survivors to break through the burdens that they carried with them from incarnation to incarnation.

The two core polarities in the show are Nihilsm v.s. Existentialism

Man in Black represents Nihilsm
a) Repetitively seemed to tell people that when “he killed them that all they done would be for nothing”.
b) If he left the island everything would just “cease” to be.
c) Required everyone either dead or the island to sink to leave the island. Since the island's light represented existence, it had to go away for “nothingness” to spread. He couldn't leave while there was still hope. The gesture is symbolic in origin as everyone and everything had to lose all hope for him to leave.
d) MIB going into the hole was categorized as being “worst than death”.
e) MIB didn't have a name. There is a reason he didn't have a name. Because he represents Nihilism.

Jacob represents existentialism.
a) Firmly believed in choice.
b) Was an agent in setting people forth in their destiny.
c) Didn't even defend his own death, told Ben that he had a choice.
d) He was the protector of the light at the center of the island. As said earlier, the light represented existence and hope.

Others represented foreign religion.
a) They appeared tribal at times to indicated foreign beliefs.
b) Lived in normal suburban homes to indicate that they were really not that much different than the survivors of flight 815.
c) Were very private. Also were very restrictive in allowing people to understand their practices and methods. Ben was jealous of Locke because he had actually had real interaction with the divine.

All the characters represented certain archetypes of psychological and karmic burden.

Jack Shepherd- The out-caste. The man that never have support from anyone, but was always willing to give everything to everyone. Always felt like he never had a home, never felt like he had a place to be accepted. Wanted to be accepted by his father, but could never find his affection.
Constant: All the survivors of Oceanic 815; which were represented by Christian Shepherd's coffins. They gave him what he always need...... acceptance.

Kate Austin: The runner. Running from her past, leaving family and friends behind. Constant: Aaron Littleton. She never had anyone that she had to care for except herself; and was stuck in a situation that she had to commit to something. Force to become a mother, she had to adapt to a more stable life.

Sawyer: The rebel. A con-man, looking for revenge from the man that “ruined his life”. Lacks the ability to accept authority and fit in. Constant: Juliet Juliet was his “soul-mate” which allowed him to settle down into the Dharma Initiative and have a normal life. She allowed him to surrender to something more.
John Locke: The Seeker. Always a seeker, but had dwindling faith in the unknown. He wanted to believe, but life always gave him the short straw. He was paralyzed, had a father that didn't care about him(conned him out of a kidney), had a crazy mother, had a man that he thought was a friend that turned out to be a DEA agent. Lost the one family he ever had because of this. Everything that John Locke stood for; faith, believe, and destiny; was leaving him. Then one day he woke up on a beach and God finally started paying attention to John Locke. Contrary to popular belief, John Locke died for a reason. He may have appeared to be duped at first, but Locke got the last laugh; the castaways started to believe. Constant: Destiny and divine love; which is symbolized by John Locke's legs.

Hugo(Hurley) Reyes : Fear of Divine. More of a people person. Believes in relations, carefree relationship style. Then one day he finds the numbers(the numbers of destiny) unaware at the time of what they are capable of. He uses the numbers to win the lottery and all of a sudden everything in his life turned sour. He became so fearful of everything that was going on around him that he had to be institutionalized. Hurley's tale is probably the most “trippy” to think about, because it is like there was fear created in something that was trying to guide him to what loved, people. Constant: Libby soul-mate and allowed Hurley to accept the divine intervention.

Sayid Jarrah: Man with a frozen heart. Emotionally crippled, experienced very harsh conditions in as a member of the Iraqi Republican guard. Nadia was the first to start to warm him up to opening up to someone, but she was killed and he became even more bitter because of it. Shannon was the first one that really touched him on a deeper level and completed him. Constant: Shannon.... showed Sayid that there is love and hope in the world.

Jin Soo-Kwan: Married to a woman that he loved very much, but was unable to separate his personal imagine from his marriage. Wife loved him very much but didn't really have a chance build on their emotional bond because of Jin's work for her father. This is sort of what made their death so poetic, because he was able to finally 100% commit to her; to the extent that he was willing to die with her. Constant is the baby, which forced them to have to commit to each other completely.

Lost clues and symbolic gestures:

Swan Hatch: 4,8,15,16,23,42 add up to equal 108. The 108 ticking down symbolized life cycles, the 108 as mentioned earlier symbolized the divine. The survivors kept putting the code into the machine and it kept going back to 108. The code is destiny and every time the timer resets it signifies a sort of “wasted life cycle”. Locke finally was determined to let it go down to zero and risk ending the world. Symbolic of giving up on destiny.... but finally Desmond put the events into motion by turning the key. Lost was once going to be called “The Circle”, which is exactly what was set forth when Desmond turned the key; the circle of destiny. He created a circle that would allow destiny to cycle. Everything that happened in the alt reality, which allowed them to re discover each other was sort of turned on when he threw the switch; a loop that was started by Jacob reaching out to all the survivors and bringing them to the island. The “Fail-Safe” was sort of like Destiny's “on” button. I know its a lot to wrap your minds around, and I know many will try to criticize this, but if you think about it it makes perfect sense.

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