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Lost and The Matrix by Zion Sucks

So this is a comparison of two pieces of entertainment that felt the pressure of expectations that were impossible to match. The hype was to much for any writer to bare but both tried. This is the first comparison of the two.

2nd - religious overtones. Both were very religious. Lost delt with many themes from the beginning such as Science/Faith and finished with our Losties moving on. Matrix had the same type of battle with Morpheus being out man of faith.

3rd - Fate vs. Free Will. Won't get into this because that is a standard Sci-fi theme!

4th - Hero sacrifices himself. Both Jack and Neo did it. Neo to the extent of being dragged off with his arms outstretched like Jesus.

5th - The source. Both had one. Both were made of beautiful light. Neo could see it being Special. Jack could see it because he was the protector. (I actually didn't like how Lost went so similar to this but it didn't effect my viewing)

6th - And my real beef. Both delt with worlds I didn't care about. I know there is raging arguments on the ALT, good and bad. But me being a person who loved everything that was island, I thought it took away from the story. I was getting afterlife stories of characters that I could care less about. I didn't want more answers, I just wanted more island time (still cried at the finale).
Matrix had Zion. I hated Zion. They gave us stories on characters that I could care less about. And it took away from what made it popular, The Matrix!

The irony of this was Darlton said they weren't going to explain the rules, and when asked why, they said watch the architect scene is the matrix. This made me laugh because the ALT timeline became useless to me as did Zion! They learned from one matrix mistake and not the other!

Don't get me wrong, I still love Lost and liked the finale. I was just hoping for more Island time.


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