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Loose Ends That Annoy Me by The Black Rock

These are just a few simple things that annoy me.

Loose End Number 1 Hurley Seeing Dead People- This really was not a problem for me until the reveal of Purgatory. Although it reminded me a little bit of Ghost Whisperer. Now if every Lostie moved on from the alternate reality. Why is it that Hurley could still see them? Aren't they moved on. Why are they appearing and wasting their time in the real world? Its definitely interesting. We can do a couple of roots.

1) The more likely root. I think the ghosts moved on. Then they came out of heaven met Hurley and went back. What's done is done I guess. They gave Hurley, "that little push." So did Jacob. Its not the best explanation. Also, why didn't a dead Jack and Sawyer appear? Wouldn't they come down to and talk to Hurley? Since their is no past, present and future in whatever awaits Jack and co. in flashsideways why didn't they do this. It seems like the writers used this as some plot device to progess the plot. All it does is just make purgatory/flashsideways uneccessary and weaker.

2)Its a plot hole. They weren't thinking about this issue. That's it.

Loose End Number 2 Jack not finding his father's body on the Island- This irks me a lot. Yes, I understand the whole island world was real thing. However, this just muddles and confuses it. Jack opens his father's coffin and does not see his father. In the end Jack does exactly the same thing his dead father appears. M.I.B. was Christian however was he always Christian especially the off Island scenarios. Was Jack channeling his I see dead people particularly dead fathers off the island like Hurley. M.I.B. can't leave the island so what gives here. Here's the scenario.

1) It was real, however, it was a lower level of transcendence/redemption. Think the Narnia level theory. (People have been supporting it. I like it. I'm just not going to get into it.) Jack got to that point in White Rabbit like The End. His father wasn't their maybe because he wasn't ready yet to move on. However, he had not grown enough and still needed to redeem himself. This became particularly evident after the episode. His fixing complex, god complex (as Sawyer said it), obessive personality and temper led to a lot of misery on the Island and off the Island for Jack. The whole issue with this problem is not helping. It just muddles and confuses the whole island being real scenario. Purgatory looked real however it was not real. Is it real simply because it mattered to them?

2) A plot hole again. The writers wanted to make their show interesting. They created this right after walkabout. It just like the eye of the island. No answer just to hook the audience when it started.

Why Purgatory and Across The Sea Might Work- Across The Sea was largley hated. The End was polarizing due to the Flash Sideways. Personally, I believe the show would've worked better without them. Across The Sea was made to please fans. Carlton and Cuse were like maybe we will do this. Will give the fans what they want. The fans got it and were terribly disappointed. I was disappointed. I became a Jacob hater and sympathsized with M.I.B. Some people were actually rooting for M.I.B. to win. Then What They Died For came and sort of fixed this episode. Jacob and M.I.B. should've been left with Ab Aeterno. We could've interpreted what Jacob and M.I.B. were. Jacob could have said his speal and added why M.I.B. was created in answer form in What They Died For. They could've showed a ten second flash back. Done. We interpret from their. Also, if the source was revealed in the series finale. It would've been like a OMG/wheel moving the island kind've moment. Instead it felt corny.

The End works better. Okay lets say their was no flash sideways. None at all just the on island world. Ultimately and you don't have to agree this would've been better. However, if we got simply this. Everybody would've been like. Sawyer doesn't get to see Juliet. Kate doesn't reunite with Jack. Claire doesn't get to see Charlie. Are we seeing a pattern here. Yes, particular characters die we feel like the others go on to lead miserable lives. Particulary, Ben and Sawyer . We don't get to see Ben apologize. We see no loose ends wrapped up with the characters. To be honest I like answers more. I don't care about the Flashsideways but if you like character romances you will care. Was their really anything happening on the Island for the characters besides well Jack, Hurley, M.I.B. and Sawyer. Sun was underused and just killed off. Sayid suddenly became a zombie and had no emotions. I call this stalling the plot. Season 6 should've been like this.

13/14 episodes like Season 4

If you want some sort of flashback. Give me a Widmore, Ilana, revised Across The Sea Episode, a proper flashback of the Wheel
Dharma Inititiative, Hurley Bird, Cabin, Outrigger Chase, Statue and Walt flashback. That like pretty much covers that 13/14 episode we get what we want. Or at least people who hated the series finale get what they want. Who cares though? They didn't do this. Were left with a great but flawed finale. Its over. However, it could've been much better.

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