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1. The ghosts that aid Hurley throughout the series for the most part appear to be at peace and have "let go" of whatever baggage prior to their church convention.

2. In particular, Ana Lucia, who was not "ready yet" by the end of The End, reappears to Hurley in ghost-cop mode fully informed about what's up -- a consequence of having gotten herself ready and moved on.

3. Though this may not have been caught by listening viewers, the closed-captioning reveals that there is an electromagnetic zap for each character "awakening" from the alt-timeline.

4. Jin appears to Hurley in a chicken outfit speaking perfect English -- we now know this is no hallucination but in fact Jin's time-traveling ghost where the white light from the church is a time vortex.

5. We now know where they have moved onto -- back to the island, where they hang out in ghost towns. The light converts them into smokeys -- and that is what all ghosts are -- smokeys of a sort. Note that when MIB is converted to smokey, his body is left behind. Smokey is simply a ghost that everyone can see and feel.

6. This also confirms that the alt itself is not the afterlife, or even purgatory. It is a universe where the island (being sunk) can only exert its influence via "awakened memories" hence the electromagnetic buzzing that accompanies these awakenings.

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