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Okay so this is it. This is part 1 of my last set of theories. Then well its over for me. I'll move on from Lost and wait for my other gem, Futurama to come on. Part 1 is going to be about the characters of Lost. Note that this is my opinion. You may agree, disagree or flat out think I'm wrong. That's okay and I don't care. You can read or disregard it here. So Part 1 will be on characters and what I think happened to them. Also, for the heck of it I'm going to kind've review all the seasons.

I'm going to put these characters into two categories. Proper endings and well cop out endings. So I'll start out with proper endings.

Jack- His ending was absolutely perfect. In fact I'm not even going to debate why I think is perfect. His ending was the best. He transformed from a man of science to a man of faith. He became literally a Messiah like figure with the side cut and all. Personally I had a hunch Jack would die in the final episode. Jack was originally going to die by M.I.B. in the Pilot. Okay so I thought what if they still do this accept it will be in the final episode. Look's like I was right. (Sort of) Overall, a great ending for a character I liked, hated and then liked again.

Hurley- Another great ending. He became Jacob. He won't be some flawed character who creates evil incarnated and then hangs out with his false mom (who killed his mom) for forty years. Hurley's ending was perfect. Overall, Hurley deserves it. He was the most pure out of all the characters. Just a simple Daddy abandonment issue and he handled that pretty well. He takes care of people and will get Desmond off the Island.

Ben- Handled perfectly as well. John and Ben's final scene was powerful. Ben was an evil manipulator who then lost his power and became deconstructed into a better man. He is probably my number 2# favorite character slightly behind Desmond. He was handled well and I'm happy.

(These characters are still in the same category their not quite a cop out. However, their not great either.)

Claire- Eh what the h*ll happened? The whole crazy/claimed thing wasn't flat out solved. If their was a weak scene in The End it was probably how Claire got on the plane. Do you care about Charlie Claire? Just wondering because you never mentioned him in Season 6. Claire I guess will be alright due to Kate. They'll raise the kid and maybe Sawyer will read that car manual of his to make Aaron happy. (This goes back to Season 1 if your scratching your head about that sentence.)

Kate- Okay I'll be honest. I hated Kate since season 3. As in I wanted her to die since the whole polar bear cage fiasco. However, something happened in The End. She became less annoying and more likeable. She shot M.I.B.! Although I find this great I also think the executioner of M.I.B. should've been Ben. Due to his whole life being destroyed and indirectly manipulated by M.I.B. She'll visit Hurley and well Ben to. She'll help Sawyer find his daughter.

Sawyer- Not quite the resolution that I wanted either. His life just seemed shattered. Juliet, the love of his life, is dead. Honestly, I thought Sawyer was going to die in The End. Personally, I think he should've died.

Miles- He's not a cop out. Although he didn't really serve a fundamental purpose. Miles was just like their. He'll hang out with Sawyer and they'll bicker with each other.

The Cop outs

Desmond- My favorite character and I still feel like he was butchered. I thought Desmond knew everything. However, it seemed like seeing the afterlife fried his brain (said by Zoe and maybe acutally true.) He was willling to ditch his kid for some alternate reality. Oh my I understand now. Just sadly misinformed like Locke in Live Together Die Alone. Still no resolution with Penny. We leave him stuck on the Island. He deserved a better resolution then that. I wonder how many Desmond fans were p*ssed off with this ending for the best Lost character of all time.

Richard- After Ab Aeterno I realize how interesting/fascinating Richard actually was. That is until that was it. Nothing happened with his character. It was like Cuse and Lindelof had struck gold with Richard and did not use him in any concievable way after that. Also, I thought he should've died in The End. He didn't ah well.

Frank- A stand in character. However, he was probably the most entertaining to watch in The End. Sadly underused until that point. Frank you are something else. Thank God you didn't well pilot the plane in Season 1. Smokey would've killed you. Also, knowing you Frank you probably would've flown it when their was only half a plane! You kick so much a** Frank. Your just as cool as eyeliner and your chest hair personfies cool. Eh the more I think about it your not a cop out. Just well sadly underused.

A quick theory. Probably already said. Why the Pilot was killed by Smokey. I'm not overthinking it. If Smokey kills the Pilot what happens. The Candidates and everyone stay on the Island. He kills them and he then leaves the Island. That was why the Pilot was killed in the first episode.

M.I.B. - Rivalving Desmond as an all time scure up. His death was anti-climatic. Still fuzzy on why he couldn't leave the Island. It was never really well explained! I have an idea but for a last episode it should be more then an idea. Oh well slighly butchered to just not as bad as Desmond.

Sayid, Sun and Jin- Underused. Lose your English Sun? Turn into a zombie Sayid? I know why just a pathetic plot device to have the plot make you less important so you would be ripe for being killed off. Watching Lost I know a character is dead when their is nothing for them to do. Trust me this is actually right accept well in Frank's and especially Miles case so that well kind've breaks that theory. Plus Dan, Boone and Libby don't really fit that either. Whatever sort of true and just an observation.

That's it for the characters. I missed some like John Locke but I'm moving on. Now onto the seasons.

Season 1- The least mindf*cked season Lost had to offer. Also, the most accesible. Like it indeed. Didn't like how it drag. Like you kidnap Claire and then wait six episodes to answer what exactly happened to Claire. Big mistake Lost and that almost derailed me. However, Deux Ex Machina saved the show. Great job Terry O'Quinn for hooking me to Lost. Overall, its the fourth best season of Lost. 8/10

Season 2- The second best season of Lost. Way stronger then Season 1 and better in almost every conceivable way. Also, when it had the highest viewers. One of my favorite seasons. 10/10.

Season 3- The season that came out of nowhere and completely flat out s*cked in every conceivable way. The horrible duo of Nikki and Paulo. The stupid teepee thing with John. This was point I almost said goodbye to Lost. However, then out of nowhere Through The Looking Glass came and renewed my faith in Lost. I was hooked again. The worst season with probably one of the best if not the best episode of Lost. 4/10

Season 4- Okay this is the best season of Lost for me. I love Season 4. I don't really know why either. Lost was on a hot streak and it continued throughout this season. The Shape of Things to Come and the season finale are some of my favorite episodes. I love season 4. 10/10. It beats out season 2 by like an inch.

Season 5- Loved Season 5. Loved The Incident which was my favorite Lost episode. Loved the time travel The Constant and The Life and Deaath of Jeremy Bentham to name a few.

Season 6- ....and then it slightly collapsed. A mixed bag. Loved Ab Aeterno, LA X, The Subsitute, Lighthouse, What They Died For, Sundown, The Candidate, Dr. Linus and eh okay The End. Hated pretty much everything else and this is directed at you Across The Sea and maybe Happily Ever After as well knowing its intention now. Second worst season for me. A lot of filler,stalling at a campsite and cr*p like Zoe and Across The Sea. 6/10

Okay so here are my favorite scenes of Lost. Their in no particular order.

1) Deux Ex Machina with John Locke in the car and the hatch. When he anguised in the car and I saw those angry (I'm destined for so much more) eyes of Terry O Quinn I knew this show was going to be very special. It was

2) The Constant. What got me ironically was Desmond walking out from Penny's house and smiling. He knew everything was going to be okay. Then the scene which was probably the greatest love scene on the show.

3) Desmond and the meaning of the hatch. My jaw hit the floor. It was awesome.

4) Ben watching Alex die. Enough said.

5) The turning of the wheel. The greatest mindf*ck moment of the show in my opinion. Loved it.

6) Locke being in a wheel chair in Walkabout. Brilliant.

7) Jack's death. His eye closes. Incredible.

An Honorable mention

Jack vs Ben with the walkie talkie

Ben and Widmore's conversation

Jin and Sun's death

That's it with that.

Favorite episodes of Lost This is actually ranked.

1) The Incident Parts 1 and 2

2) Season 4 finale

3) The Constant

4) Ab Aeterno

5)The Shape of Things To Come

6) Through The Looking Glass

7)Deux Ex Machina


9) The End

10)LA X

Well that's it for Part 1. What do you think.

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