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Desmond David Hume's name, I think, wasn't a clue about what the island is, but about the nature of life.The island seems to be open to many interpretations, it's nature is just to "point out" much more directly (by means of consequences for one's actions?) what we do, our motivations, they are less muddled and hidden than in the real world."Everything that happens hare, happens for a reason"= I can see more clearly what my actions will cause, the pain,or the good. It's like a sort of place where there is a lot less darkness about what leads to what, than there is in the "real world". What has characterized our Losties more than anything, I think, was how they had to make their lives, being almost totally clueless about what is really going on, about „the big picture“.

In an almost zen way, they always seemed to sink into the present moment, like Kate sinking into the sand a bit while looking out at the ocean. This feeling you got from the characters, their sort of being deeply inside the present moment, which strangely didn’t seem to be obviously and causally connected (in a Kantian way) to the next moment, but sort of independent from the next moment, freed from causality, freed from the necessity that a cause always precedes an effect (in a Humean way). Symbolic of this are also the many treks across the island, where the Losties often cluelessly put one foot ahead of the other and proceeded, again without a plan, (i.e. an abstract system created ahead of „filling it with their acts“. )The systematic approach to life where you lay out the system first, like, when ordering something you devise a system, i.e. „in alphabetical order“. And fill it in with things later (a la Kant).The Losties seemed to do it differently, the things come first and the „system“ is created later, the experience lets you find order or gain understanding, and it won’t be linear. Like my system of putting books on my shelves, everybody thinks it’s nuts, because to them it seems completely orderless and arbitrary. But I always know where they are, so odd, because I subconciously remember where I last touched them, read them, and how that made me feel. So the system, the way, to find your way around grows out of the concrete expereince and is not artificially devised in advance. The concept of cause and effect are solely based on our subjective experience and absolutely not a logical necessity.Hurley= Hume's system, Ben and his lists and always having a plan(that ultimately failed)=Kant's system (before he was positively influenced by Hume). In the end, where Hurley and Ben both join forces to protect the island, it's like the two opposites come together and find each other.

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