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After re-watching the finale it dawned on me that Christians monologue fits well for us also.

"It's a place you all built together, so you could find one another"

That quote could easily be applied to us at home. We built this community of websites and discussion boards. Posted our thoughts and theories, our wants and desires for our heroes and some posted their constant displeasure with lack of answers. This "place" we all built became as much a part of the story as the story itself. The Dark's, the Vozzeks', the Doc Jensens', they were all there to help us on our journey just as Richard and Ben and Ilana helped our on island counterparts.

And then it became time to go and we all needed to be gathered in one place before we could move on and that place was the finale.

Our lives were tied to this story for 6 years and the metaphors were not just for Jack but to help us move on too.

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