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Here is my guess to explain Losts ending...

In the season 6 opener we saw the island underwater. That event will happen soon when MIB escapes and kills all the Losties. Not only will the island be underwater, the universe as we know it will cease to exist because as Fake Mom said, if the light goes out here, it goes out everywhere. Other evidence everyone dies comes from Richard who when shown the picture of the losties and asked if he knew them, he said he watched them all die. Their deaths are coming soon. So why were we able to see flight 815 land in the alternate universe but the island was already destroyed? Because the island is destroyed in 2007 but the alt universe is still in 2004. So whats going on? Desmond knows this and he knows that in 3 years, the alt universe will be destroyed when alt time catches up to island time. He is in a race to get the losties to remember the original timeline and their deaths on the island to help save the universe from total annihilation. Once the alt losties have this revelation and remember, Desmond will tell them how to save the world--they have to go back to the island again (aka a loophole or a CIRCLE). How will they get there? Faraday, who built the lampost will remember he is a mathematical genius and figure out how to get a plane back to the island and land in 2004 and start over with our losties. Now I believe the season ends just like it began with our Losties on the beach after the crash, but Jack will have something new on him or remember something from his experiences(making progress) to help him do something different in this new loop.

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