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I can't decide who is on which side, but I have at least one theory that pits the sides one against the other.

Obviously, we know that Jacob and MIB are on two different sides. We need to know which side Widmore is on, and which side Ben, Richard, Jacob, and the Losties are on. Not only do we need to figure out which side everyone is on, we still need to know for sure, which side is good and which is evil. I'm not sure I have the answer to that yet. But here is my theory as to who is on which side.

Jacob recruited Ilana to protect the candidates, so the Losties must be on Jacob's side. We just found out that MIB wanted to kill the Losties, which confirms this. Ben, Richard, and Miles are off somewhere doing something, but before they left, they were friendly with the Losties, not MIB, which puts them on the side of Jacob. Also, Jacob told Ilana to ask Richard what to do next, proving that Jacob wants her to follow Richard; thus confirming the fact that Richard is on Jacob's side. Since Ben and Miles are with Richard, they are also on Jacob's side.

Widmore and Ben have always been at odds with each other, though Ben may not fully understand the ramifications of what Widmore wants with the island. What I believe he wants is to restore the MIB to his original self. This will allow Widmore to take control of the island himself, regardless of whether or not he was a candidate. The MIB is on Widmore's side because he obviously wants his body back. They would have an agreement made between each other that if Widmore restores MIB to his original body, becoming the new keeper of the island, and MIB helps him to accomplish this by killing all of the other candidats, then Widmore will let MIB leave the island. Widmore will accomplish this task by using the electromagnetic properties of the island, and Desmond, with his special abilities to withstand such forces. Hence, MIB and Widmore are on the same side.

Desmond is on neither side. He is only going along with Widmore at the moment because he has seen what his life would be like without Penny, has spoken with Daniel Faraday, and believes that he can reverse the detonation of the hydrogen bomb that Daniel says that he detonated in the flash-sideways. He wants to help make it so that Daniel never detonated that bomb, because he does not want to live without Penny.

In the end, Desmond will be the mediator/constant between the two sides, MIB/Widmore/new Locke(science)/old Jack(science) vs. Jacob/Ben/old Locke(faith)/new Jack(faith), and will represent what is possible when people have love in their lives and the difference between a life with love and a life without it.

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