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Why some people weren't in the Church by Jasper

For some inexplicable reason, a lot of people have been having a great deal of difficulty understanding why not every Lostie appeared in the church to move on.

Eko's reason for not returning is unknown. If I remember correctly, both Darlton and the actor wanted him to return but scheduling didn't allow for it. If you want a full "reason" why the character didn't pass, there really is none that can be firmly proven.

Michael couldn't pass on, hence him being on the island in "Everyone Loves Hugo."

Walt probably wasn't there because he wasn't tested on the island like those who passed on. He was there briefly as a child and had his whole future of tests ahead of him off the island.

Ben, I don't think was ready to let go. He had loose ends to tie with Alex and Danielle and couldn't just abandon them.

Daniel wasn't there because he wanted to get Charlotte to remember him. He couldn't move on and let go. Furthermore, Desmond told Eloise he wouldn't bring Daniel with him.

Eloise knows what's going on and wanted to spend time with her son. She knows she's the reason Daniel's dead and want to be with him for as long as she can. This is why she asked Desmond not to take Daniel away from her. Turns out she's human after all.

Miles, I think, may have still have had things to do. He never knew his dad well, yet he knows his father in the alt-timeline. He probably wasn't willing to move on, so Desmond didn't try to catalyze it.

Ana Lucia, for one reason or another, "isn't ready yet." I don't think we need to, or can, analyze much past this.

Jacob didn't pass with everyone because he's not really part of that group. Christian said something like "everyone agreed to meet up." Jacob definitely wouldn't want to meet with these people. He would probably go with Mother and maybe *gasp* MiB (depending if alt-timeline MiB is smokey or not).

Richard spent literally one week or so with the Losties. He never met a good amount of them, really. He would probably want to be with Isabella in the afterlife.

Charlotte didn't remember Faraday and wasn't ready to move on. I'm not sure if much analysis is possible. She didn't remember her island life.

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