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This theory hinges on the mother being a smokie.

This is roughly how the popular argument goes against mother being a smokie.

the mother was able to draw on a power(from being protector/from the light) to be able to fill up the well and kill mibs others.

She couldn't have been a smokie because her human body was stabbed and killed and the only thing that makes a smokie human is by moving the rock like desmond did in the finale

this line of thought has three problems

1 It means it is a coincidence that the method used by mother to kill mibs others left them all looking as if smokie had done it.

2 we have never seen ANY evidence of this power at any other time in the series.

3 Doesn't explain how mother knew the consequences of going into the well

heres my take on it

it seems from the finale that turning off the light makes smokie "human" but this explanation leaves the mothers powers unexplained.

if you assume instead that a new jacob being chosen turns smokie "human" then this does explain the mothers powers. with this assumption mothers body changed from smoke form to a normal human body when she passed on the protectorship to jacob.

my way of looking at it coherently explains the mothers powers, whereas the popular view has the problem of mibs others being killed in true smokie style (plus the well) without an explanation.

My explanation also explains how the mother knew about the effects of going into the well – "worse than death".

finally my idea fits into what we already know about smokie which is something happening with jacob directly affects him. remember

jacob dies = mib can only assume lockes form

I extend this to

jacob replaced = mib/mother loses smokie power and can only use a "real" body

in summary

popular view pluses

it uses the immediately obvious and intuitive explanation for smokie turning human which is that it happened when desmond moved the rock

my view pluses

1 it explains the mothers powers

2 it explains how the mother knew the effects of going down the well – "worse that death"

3 mib was previosuly affected by jacobs death by being forced to take only lockes form. It is not a stretch to suppose that jacob being replaced would also affect smokie.

4 there are always two sides – one light, one dark

If you do take my view then it follows that the smoke returned to the source in across the sea after the mother smokie become human. Then it follows that the smoke returned to the source again when flocke became human. If you assume that smokie mib was a COPY of mib consciousness and not the real mib then it follows that the new smoke is a copy of Jack .

Jack was scanned by the smoke inside the cave and came out the other end alive. ultimately the smoke would be able to assume his identity from copying his consciousness regardless of whether Jack came out alive. I think the smoke would truly believe itself to be Jack but the real Jack is dead.

there is a further 12 -14 minutes of footage which will be released with the season six dvd which details the the "unknown period of time between hurley becoming jacob and the end of the show" emerson said that it "IS A RICH PERIOD IN THE SHOWS MYTHOLOGY SO WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY WILL COME UP WITH"

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