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Why Mother DID choose MIB by Randy

Getting right to the point, I believe that mother was also a smoke monster. My theory isn't water tight by any means, but it brings up a few ideas that seem common in the way the writers like to show you one thing and want you to believe another.I'm eager to hear any feedback or opinions.

I don't think MIB was suppose to be born until Claudia gave birth on the island. That's why he has this strong connection to the island and knows things outta nowhere. Also, I feel they allude to it by saying Claudia didn't have a name for him.

When Mother introduced the kids to the light source she says never to enter it. Later she tells Jacob that entering it would be worse than death. How would she know? Unless someone else went in or she did.

After MIB Wakes up at camp he finds his entire group killed and the whole is now closed up. I find it real hard to believe that Mother was able to do that without being a Smoke Monster.

Finally is when MIB Black talks to his real Mother, Claudia. I think it's Mother inhabiting Claudia's. Now what her intent was, I can't say for sure. I need to watch the episode again, but I think this is all worth discussion.

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