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Why Isn’t the MIB allowed to leave the Island? Charles Widmore tells us that him leaving will cause everything to simply cease to be. However there is nothing to suggest his exiting the island will cause any problems? If him and Jacob are bound to the island, bound to its energy, then I wouldn’t ask anything more, but I feel I need to know why he can’t leave. Jacob was asked to protect the light source ( or just protect the island ). So how does protecting the island ( or the light source ) differ with or without MIB? If I was told the light source goes out and everything we know of ceases to be, I would understand that. So how does the MIB come into this equation.

If anyone thinks that the MIB and Jacob must be there together to protect the island, they are wrong. Jacob has left the island at least 6 times touching our losties, and the islands still going strong. This also gets me to ponder why the MIB didn’t just leave once Jacob did? Certainly he knows all about the donkey wheel ( it was his idea ). He was arguably locked in a cabin some of the time, but he wasn’t when Jacob touched Jack, Sayid and Hurley.

If MIB was evil I could understand the need for him not leaving the island… this wouldn’t cause everything to cease to be however. I have high concerns over him being evil however. Sure Darlton tells us he blew up the sub so of course he is. His been trapped on this island for 2000 years, blowing that sub up was his one chance of maybe getting off the island, I would do it too. Take that out of the way, and apart from a few killings, he hasn’t done a hell of a lot to be deemed Evil incarnate. Infact, more people have died following Jacob and trusting in his faith than they have through MIB. So again I raise my concern, why can’t MIB leave the island?

Also, If the protection of the island is so important, why would Jacob bring people to the island? Ultimately, his bringing people to the island only provided the MIB a loophole to have Jacob killed. Jacob doesn’t mingle with the island dwellers, actually he doesn’t mingle with anyone, what does he do with all that time on the island?

Anyway, according to Jacob Evil is being trapped on the island. We’re lead to believe this is MIB. Well MIB can’t kill Jacob, so if he doesn’t bring people to the island then Jacob exists forever, trapping Evil in the process, job done and the world is saved.

If Jacob thinks MIB is darkness or evil incarnate, then Jacobs a nice chap bringing people to the island to meet this terrible force. Jacob must also be naïve to think this Evil incarnate wont corrupt, kill and manipulate the people he brings to the island. However Richard points this out to him and he seems to be completely unaware of this. Which leads me to fathom he can’t think of MIB as being too bad?

Again I ask, why can’t MIB leave the island? How will this cause the world to cease to be?

I really hope we get answers on this. I think the Egyptian stuff needs a quick explanation too, we’ve seen a lot of it. I don’t expect answers on how the light works etc, however I feel we need to know why MIB can’t leave the island and why Jacob brings people here, cause to me I am seeing many contradicting things and I’m starting to get a bit disheartened. I know the producers say the shows about the Losties, however this is the exact reason as to WHY the losties are here… and with 3 hours left, we still have no idea ( cause the ideas we do have contradict many other things ). Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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