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How do the revelations from "across the sea" affect where we stand with Desmond? Many possibilities.

Now that we know smoke monster was created by "electromagnetism" that runs through the center of the island. Isn't it pretty obvious why Smokey wants Dez gone? If he has been exposed to the same electromagnetism (he threw dez into the well right after he discovered this...and looked scared when dez told him that) then he quite possibly has smoke monster capabilities that he has not discovered yet. The thought crossed my mind that if Dez had smoke powers, why would locke even try to have sayeed kill him with a bullet? But I remedied this and kept my theory in tact by the fact that we only know that the electromagnetism or "the light" turned man in black into smokey, we don't know that it gave him immortality. That may have been the source of his immorality as well, but the episode makes it clear that the mother did something to make both smokey and jacob immortal. They did not explain what she did.

So the immortality powers could be separate from "the light," which we know was the source of the smoke powers. In that case, maybe desmond has smoke powers but is not immortal. Or it could be, simply, that smokey knows that the light is a source of power, that, in his case, gave him dangerous abilities, and is worried that, possibly, desmonds heavy exposure led him to gain supernatural abilities in some shape or form. It could be simply that desmonds powers are what we already know and suspect: that he can switch between consciences, travel in time, see the future, and withstand electromagnetism -- and he will use those things to somehow play a role in the defeat of smokey. Or he may be a smoke monster himself now, which would totally be cool.

Last possibility involves the fact that Jacob and MIBs mother said that the light is the source of "life, death, and rebirth," and that the light is the only thing that can kill MIB and dez is the only one who can be exposed to it to perhaps forcibly drag smokey into there to die. This is probably more logical considering that immediately after MIBs exposure, he turned into black smoke and we have already seen desmond be exposed twice and he did not. So, if thats the case, perhaps we simply know that all people are physically susceptible to the light and that it will physically change you and has the power to create life and cause death and rebirth. We know that it affected MIBs physicality so he is not immune to it. But desmond has a body that is immune to it and he will use that to his advantage. Also, perhaps since smoke monster is a product of electromagnetism, desmond is immune to the smoke monsters powerful physical capabilities.


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