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I credit Doc Jansen for most of this theory as most of the ideas come from him. But here it is in my own words:

I believe Lost can be explained with science, magic and myths.

The Island and the light is the source of life, existence, the light being what makes us body and soul. In the story of Lost, we are a mix of matter and spirit(or energy), our body and our soul.

The light, in my opinion (which is more scientific)is somekind of special and powerful electromagnetic energy, the same energy that is mainly responsible for the creation of our universe (along with gravity and nuclear energy).
It can also be seen as a magic light responsible for life, the birth place of the magic of life.
This light is also what keeps the darkness under the Island (the cork).
The darkness being the source of non-existence, nothingness, emptiness, what would remove all souls from our bodies making it impossible for us to move on in the afterlife. Evil for other people or dark magic.

The island is the balance between the light and the darkness and what prevents darkness from taking over. It's kind of the place on earth where that cosmic struggle happens. A struggle that happens on a larger scale in the universe and beyond.

The "fate worst than death" that Mother talks about is the ripping apart of your soul from your body when you enter the cave. When Jacob trew MIB in the cave, his soul (his energy) was ripped appart from his body. His body died and all that was left was his spirit.

The monster is the manifestation of MIB's spirit or life energy that is twisted and corrupted. This gave him great powers, but it also binded him to the Island for eternity.

Therefor, to leave, he must destroy the light that binds him to the island, thus making all of the world souless (Widmore talking about everyone you love ceasing to exist). When you take out the cork like Desmond did, the darkness takes over and everything that is matter and spirit(or energy) becomes only simple souless matter. We all become empty. Therefor, no after life, no happy reunion for our losties. To quote Mother, "we all have a little of this light inside of us" "when the light goes out here, it goes out everywhere".

That's why MIB returns to a mortal state after the cork is removed by Des. He shifts right back to total spirit to total matter.

Then once he's been killed, Jack was able to restore the light and all is well.

I also believe Sayid was dead during season 6. His soul went to the purgatory when he died in the temple. What came back thanks to the now "dark" water was his souless body. That's why he was unable to feel anything. He was just a souless body. Desmond made him realise that imo and that's why he was so willing to sacrifice himslef. He knew he had already moved on and that he didn't belong there anyway.

I am one of the vast majority who loved the way Lost ended and I believe we have all the clues necessary to connect the dots to answer most mysteries.
They didn't spoon-feed us the answers and that's what makes Lost so great and intelligent. It's all open for interpretation and perception. Some will find more scientific explanations, other more magical and some will see it as a metaphore of religious myths and that's all fine. I think it's damn clever work from the writers to create a mythology that can be answered by such different perceptions.

In the end though, it was about the passengers of flight 815 and their story and how this Island changed their lives. I was incredibly moved by these people and their struggles. Some of the best characters in the history of storytelling emerged from Lost.
To me, Lost is one of the most epic story I have evver seen or read and I'm eternaly greatful to the creator of this show for this incredible experience.

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