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They all died prior to the plane crash. Some long ago and some after Jack. The plane crash was Jacks creation in his alternate world. The entire story of the island was Jacks alternate world.He was the leader in this world. When he opened his eyes in the pilot he was already dead and in an alternate world unable to accept his death. The others who kept showing up on the island were there because they died but didnt accept their death. Jacob, the smoke, the statue etc. all created by Jack.

Everything that happend did happen in Jacks alternate world/state of mind. In this alternate world are others just like him trying to find their way to understanding that they are actually dead and then can move on. You are never truely dead until you accept it and move on. jacks dad confirmed that he is real and everything is real even in that alt world. "There is no now here". There never was a "now" even on the island. It was all Jacks alternate world/state of mind/afterlife...whatever you chose to call it.

What we watched for 6 seasons were the stories of these lost souls searching for their purpose, all helping eachother and needing eachother to move on/accept their death. What they did on the island discovering their purpose was the most important time in their life/alternate world/state of mind etc. The island was what they created and wanted it to be..magical, mystical, dark, peaceful etc...Jacob, the smoke, the others, the light all created in this world by Jack and the other lost souls.

Jack closed his eye in the end when he accepted his death and moved on....he then entered the alt sideways. The flash backs in the early seasons were about the life before death of each character...the flash forward was an alt.world/after death where they werent supposed to go to and thats why they came back. The flash sideways was the alt world created to meet up and go to the light after accepting they were dead. Juliett accepted her death when she was at the vending machine alt. world. at the same time on Jacks island alt world "it worked".
Why I like this theory...When Desmond tells Jack that the plane never crashed and he sat next to him on the plane...Jack replies "I tried that once", meaning believing he could be off the island/denying his death. Jack said, "you cant change what happened". What happened is he died, they all died at some point. "we all die sometime".

It was all about Jack, his alternate world,traveling through alternate worlds, his relationships with others like him in these worlds and utimately his acceptance in the end and now he can move to the light.....Evryone who we beleived was still alive in the end was actually always dead still not accepting their death...at some point they do because we see them in the church...As for Michael and the whispers, they are the souls that will never get to the light...the non believers/no faith...as for Walt, he is still in an alternate world until he accepts his death, like the oceanic 6...Aaron is also in an alternate world but sadly dead too.

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