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LOST! Brilliant, show. We have all hung on with amazing theories, and wonderful adventure, for a finale that was left unanswered.

As Christan Sheppard said; Let go and Move on...
SO HARD for those who have put so much thought into the Island, but they are words of wisdom for not only the Losties, but for us fans as well.

Lost made you think. It still has unresolved questions. Will we ever learn some of those? Of course. But in the meantime, I think the writers are trying to tell us something by many Losties words.

1. Let go, and Move on.
It was a show. A great show. Can they answer everything? No. Did they intend to? Probably not. Everything in life is not lived up to everyone's expectations, so Let it go....Life isn't about worrying, so much about what is always going on. We live in that world realistically and unfortunately.
2. Live together, or Die alone. This strikes me as beautiful. For one when in the pilot they excused Sayid of being the one to crash the plane, based on how he looks. I think this message stays true through lost. You and we either learn to live together, or die alone. Religion isn't everything, it does not matter. They had many religious figures in the church. It shows that people are meant to come together. You would be surprised what you find given the chance to learn about someone. I.E Kate a criminal Jack a doc. See past the criminal in Kate and you can find something beautiful.
Who says those who are looked down upon based on religion, race, criminal activities, pregnant, Mental. Can not find the thing that completes them. I think this is a big meaning in Lost.
remember when Walt was living with his Mother and brought a bird that flew into his window back to life?
This is why Walt is special. Vincent is only alive because of Walt, and his ability to save animals. Humans... NO! Animals yes! This maybe why they were so interested in him to revive polar bears bunnies etc.. that had died from time travel what not.Vincent will remain immortal, as will the bird he saved, and that is what makes Walt special.

I hated the end. I thought it was a shame to end the way it did. But after thinking about it all, it makes sense. This is what this show was. Wonder. It illuminated many minds. We may wonder what the answers are for years. Is it worth it? YES! how many people really can walk away from a show, without all the answers desired, and live in a continuous loop of what happened. Well the Losties did.... and now we will too!

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