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Hello folks! Apologies in advance if this was talked about already. I have a feeling it was talked about already. But I'll try.

After doing a little research here and there trying to get most out of the mysteries of Walt, I came up with a loose conclusion that Walt could have been the next protector but somehow it couldn't happen.

Here are a few evidence. Early in Season 1, it was raining. Michael told Walt that he would help find Vincent when the rain stops. Seconds later, it stopped raining. I have heard around the net and I think even the producers (via Kristin Santos) that Jacob had the power to control the weather. We saw this when he brought the Black Rock to the island. This happened as well in the finale. Once Jack was the protector, it started raining during the MIB battle (*possibly a tense emotion within Jack caused it); when the battle ended, the rain stopped.

The next sets of evidence is somewhat vague but interesting. In a flashback in an apartment with Walt, his mom, and I think future step dad, Walt was reading a book and had a specific bird on a page. Walt tried to get his step dad's attention, then suddenly, that same type of bird from the book slammed onto the glass door outside. Just like Jacob, Walt was able to make things come to him. However, there was another scene when Juliet mentioned dead birds where The Others were keeping him... I can't find a connection yet. The last evidence I know is that he appeared on the island a couple of times when he was no longer in the island and not dead. Jacob can do this, although opposite (he appears off-island).

Why I think Walt was special was that he had the powers similar to Jacob even though he wasn't chosen as The Protector. What I can't figure out is why the story stopped. Maybe you guys can help! And thanks if you actually read this :)

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