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Thoughts on ATS and the FDW by kikiislost

Quick thought that I think could salvage a bit of the last episode for viewers like me who expected to see SOME mention of all the Egyptian mythology references on the island in ATS episode.

I’m going to assume that maybe Jacob (no specifics on how) or some of the people he brought to the island after the death of his “mother” and brother finished building the FDW , turned it and went back in time to an era where ancient Egyptian deities were worshipped.

As Jacob brought people to the island maybe he got/helped the people to build the temple around the light source. Maybe the hieroglyphs of Smokey judging people were based on the experiences the Egyptians were having with Smokey/MIB soul hybrid (whatever it is) roaming around the island. And as a dedication to Claudia (his real mother) had the tawret statue built on the shore to display that pregnant women coming to island will be safe unlike Claudia (which has been true from what we've been shown: Rousseau and Claire remain unharmed/alive despite being separated from their children.)

This is not a perfect theory, I was only thinking of SOMETHING to make the last episode somewhat better/worth the effort.

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