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This Is When The Timeline Split by IanG

Please note: I apologize if this has been covered before, I did a quick Google search against this site and didn't see anything, but there's so much content now it's hard to review everything.

Hey folks, it's been a bit since I've posted a theory, but I think I know how the timeline changed. It seems to be pretty clear during my previous viewing of Jughead. Specifically, Faraday trying to explain to young Ellie why it's important to bury the bomb.

"Because 50 years from now, this island is still here!"

50 years from 1954. That's 2004. The year where 815 flies over, on reality the flight crashes, the other... well... the island isn't there. He was right.

So what happened?

Jughead a'la 1977 causes events to where the Swan station not to be built, so no Desmond, no magnetic event, no 815 crash. This means that no losties are there on the island, no Faraday to show up, and more importantly, no Faraday to tell the Others in 1954 to bury that bomb.

So there you go for all you Faraday lovers (myself included): No Faraday in 1954 means jughead goes postal in the past causing a ripple through the events from that point on.

Faraday was pretty clear that if they didn't bury it, it would either kill everything with radiation or explode.

So far, we just know the Island in the alt is underwater. I'm still very excited on how the writers are going to pull the explanation out of their asses on that one, but if everyone is dead on the island or it explodes, maybe this somehow causes to cork to sink. Don't know, this theory isn't on the cause of the new island waterpark, jut how and when the timeline changed.

It's obvious that stuff didn't go down right in 1954 as there was still Dharma stuff on the island underwater, but we still don't know the events that lead up to that thing going down. We'll hopefully know by Sunday!

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