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They found their loophole by agraciotti

ok, so here we are the first day without expect a new lost episode and with this brilliant, delicious and still confusing ending.

Hope this forum still lives for a long time. :) that's the point of the show wasnt it?

My guess about the finale:

Ok, everybody got the alternative timeline as a "limbo" thing. great, it was beautiful, but I think it is but more metaphisical than that:

Let's consider back the "loophole" concept. We've seen the island is a place that goes on and on through time....everything happened again and again (more people ALWAYS come there by accident, the protector of the light ALWAYS pass the job on, and so on), just like a Vynil record, as the writers always wanted to show us, right? (and that's why i think the egyptian references doesnt need an explanation. It's just a way of showing us that the island exist - and works - since ancient times).

We also have seen how the MIB got his loophole, as the name say, a hole in the loop. He got a way, manipulating Eloise, Ben and everyone else to blindly join his plan and using Locke's body, to kill Jacob and the island light source and get rid of the loop, alowing him to get off the island (I believe that's why he was stuck and couldnt leave. After he entered the light he became somehow part of the nature of the island, that flows always on a loop).

And that's where my theory enters:
I think the alternative line represents the survivors own loophole. The way they found to really get off the island and go on with their lives.

I was watching again season 5 finale, the moment when they drop the bomb on the well...notice that they all strongly close their eyes...already dreaming about a new life. It reminds me when we drop a coin on a fountain and make a wish. That's exactly what they did. At that moment, they made a wish. A wish to erase their flaws, a dream to start again, a chance to be someone better.

The bomb did created the alternative timeline, but not in a way we believe it was, like some parallel reality. Actually it created a life after-life...the limbo...or whatever you wanna call it, or whatever your religion call it (That's why it was so brilliant to see many religion symbols behind Christian coffin on the last scene...it is, in fact, what ALL religions are about) - another chance to redeem their mistakes and to become a new and better person. It was, actually THEIR loophole. The only and unique way to get off the island (they left before and couldnt make it out there. The "island isnt done with you yet" thing is nothing more than..."you're still stuck on its loop. you still need to figure a way out".

And the bomb was a chance to this way out. They left, Jack sacrifies himself to put the core back, restoring the light and restoring the cycle and the loop. BUT they got a chance to live on a reality where the island loop doesnt exist (it is under the sea) and they had a chance to learn to let go from their frustrastions and what makes them "stuck". The island, at the end, was a beautiful allegory to the things we can't let go, the traumas we insist to affect us. They learn to let go when they remember each other, the ones that really changed them, and finally could have some peace after life, with the ones they really loved.

Man...if this show isnt the greatest idea ever, I dont know what it is.

thanks for reading and feel free to discuss!

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