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I watched the finale. At first I really liked it. However, there were some flaws with it.

This is a previous statement by Matthew Fox . He said prior to season 6 that a third through season 6 their would be no more flashbacks and no more flashforwards. There would be nothing. I liked this idea and it got me excited for season 6.

However, this statement was not true. Instead we had flash sideways which although it made sense in the end, it was not needed.

Personally, if their were any flashbacks they should've focused on the mythology of the Island. Ab Aeterno was by far best episode of the 6th season. The end wasn't I would say it was a distant third with the Subistute, Dr. Linus and The Candidate ranking slightly higher.

I felt great with Season 6 until Happily Ever After and Across The Sea. I liked the episodes but I felt like I did not know where it was going. I thought that the timelines would merge. Instead we were fooled of course. The flash sideways was an afterlife. It seemed like the flash sideways was made to fix problems and to get complete redemption. However, wasn't this the point of the island? I feel like the flash sideways sort of took away from the point of the island. It seemed like it sort of made it useless to whole being redeemed thing. Due to this I feel that the flash sideways was unecessary. Lost fooled us in the end and honestly should we be fooled when its the Series Finale?! The flash sideways was not an alternate reality but purgatory. I don't really think so. My slight dislike for the series finale is because I cared more about the answers then the characters. The answers to me were slightly more important. As a result I a long with others was slightly disappointed.

The whole purgatory piece seemed like a cop out. It felt like it was a good answer although it was not the best answer. Its like a math problem. Its the answer but the estimation is slightly off. It doesn't quite feel right in the end.

M.I.B. was not meant to leave the island. I assumed that he was evil incarnated. Now with Across The Sea I gave him more sympathy then Jacob. Moving the cork in the end caused darkness/end of the world to escape. What about M.I.B. he seems separate from this. His whole going home thing seems a bit muddled and left unanswered. You can argue he was the major atagonist of the whole series.

If the only way he could leave was to remove the cork then yes that would be bad. In the end that does not work because their would be no home to go back to. Their would be nothing!

In the end I don't see why M.I.B. could not leave. Yes, he was evil, manipulative and an a**hole. He also wasn't redeemed in the end. He got no redemption and his death was anti-climatic. I think his last words should be humanity was not so corrupt after all. That would be closure to his character and proving Jacob was right.

Now some unanswered questions that have been bugging me:

Desmond. I thought that Desmond knew everything. Instead, one of the most beloved characters of the whole show was seen as a fool/failure. He wanted to go into another reality. What about Penny and your kid Desmond? Thank God Jack stated something like this. Also, he saw flashes of the afterlife? What about this unanswered question that we won't get an answer to. Desmond should've been treated better. His character felt cheated in the end. He didn't even get to go back to his familly. We can assume that he did but we didn't even get to see that in the end.

David. My theory on David was that he was made with the sole purpose of solving Jack's Daddy issues. Yes, I get that but what was the point? Was it to create more unanswered questions and to leave us more unsatisfied? I don't really see the point to David besides the theory.

Jack awakening in the same spot as the Man In Black. Watching the finale I was under the impression that Jack would be the next smoke monster. Maybe a pure light smoke monster. I also thought maybe through some unexplained circumstance he was going to be the bizarre entity that John Locke saw in Walkabout. Imagine the potential of that. Instead its just a quip probably to set up his death scene. However, it led to confusion.

Finally, the end scene with the credits. A wrecked plane. I know their not dead. The on island reality was real so why did ABC throw this into the mix. To confuse us even further. It was just as infuriating as the V countdown clock.

Okay so it sounds like I hated the finale. I didn't. It just seemed like there were my minor issues with the finale. Overall, it was great. It will cause endless debate probably for like ever. Lost was a great show. I just wish it ended a little differently.

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