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The Temple's Significance by borss37

I have a new idea about the temple after "Across the sea." I think the temple was built on top of the Light Cave. Think about it....

1. The temple is hidden in the jungle and hard to find (like the cave)and the others and Doggen are EXTREMELY PROTECTIVE of it because it is protecting the "light underneath"

2. The temple has a hot tub that brings people back to life and other weird things (The light cave water probably has special properties)

3. Smokie lives under the temple (Smokie came from under the light cave)

4. At this point we have to assume no one since Jacob and Mom has been to the light cave. Where is it now?

5. Check out this video of the losties arriving at the temple http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeumUtncj3E&feature=related
Those trees look very similar to the one on the path to the light cave.

Just my thoughts. Even my wife thinks I'm onto something and she thinks most of my theories are whacked.

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