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So it's the alternate timeline turns out to be a sort of purgatory. But was it really designed to be that way from the start. I don't think so. There are multiple inconsistencies which arise this being the case. A glaring example being what with the whole 'game' between Jacob and MIB. Was that a real conflict or was that part of the Island's "teaching moment." The End diminishes this fight in importance a lot. Yet we spent the better part of the last two seasons focusing in on the whole MIB/Jacob relationship maybe longer. The message I took from the end was that the redemption of the Losties was priority number one (the Losties in the Alt incidentally), and the whole saving the island to protect a worldwide cataclysm was secondary. I am sure that this end can close a lot of loopholes but I assure you that there are a lot questions left open. Was all the history we saw in the early years regarding the Losties part of purgatory or was it there real life. Maybe some of you have an angle on these questions would like to share it.

I am looking to the spinoff series "The Hurley and Ben Years: The Island's Golden Age". Thanks for having this forum open throught the life of the series...it's been fun.

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